December 2018

How to Encourage Sharing of Influencer Marketing Instagram Posts

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Influencer Marketing Instagram Instagram influencers are key to social media influencer marketing. The one platform is usually on influencer marketing instagram where... When it comes to Influncer Marketing Instagram the most important metric you need to focus on is your followers. But you don’t want to have just any kind of follower, anyone can buy [...]

October 2018

Influencer marketing: How to pay instagram influencers

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Influencer Marketing 2018: How to pay instagram influencers for influencer marketing? Instagram influencers are highly popular as the heat is on for influencer marketing. How do we separate good influencers from the bad? This is important as 48% of marketers are still experimenting with incorporating influencers into their marketing. Hence this shows that the trust in [...]

August 2018

Influencer Marketing Instagram

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Influencer Marketing Instagram done right The increase in influencer marketing companies and influencer marketing platform is definitely due to the popular influencer marketing instagram... Traditional marketing no more? We all know that traditional marketing is getting some competition with social media marketing. As compared to the older generations, young consumers especially the millennials are spending [...]

December 2017

Instagram Influencers in Singapore 2018

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Instagram Influencers When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is one of the best platforms to market your campaign. A picture says a thousand words - video and graphic advertisements are what that attracts your audience. Therefore, Instagram is one of the best social media platform to spread your message. High reach, high usage, high [...]

February 2017

Instagram: A platform for Influencer and Social Media Marketing

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Instagram: A platform for Influencer and Social Media Marketing Easy Guide: 4 Steps to Finding Instagram Influencers What is Instagram and why is it important? Instagram is one of the latest social networks around. As a user-friendly mobile application, this platform brings out the mobile photography geniuses in all of us. It allows the user to capture [...]