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Influencer marketing: How to pay instagram influencers

By October 14, 2018October 30th, 2019No Comments

Influencer Marketing 2018:

How to pay instagram influencers for influencer marketing? Instagram influencers are highly popular as the heat is on for influencer marketing. How do we separate good influencers from the bad? This is important as 48% of marketers are still experimenting with incorporating influencers into their marketing. Hence this shows that the trust in influencer marketing is lacking.

How to work with Instagram Influencers?

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Create a great experience

To stand out in a sea of requests, aim to create a great experience for every influencer you work with.

Relate and understand influencer’s schedules

Chances are, most experts you want to work with have a full-time job, and receive co-create requests constantly. Be understanding a provide adequate turn-around times.

Personalize your influencer marketing strategy

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If you don’t take the time to get to know insights about your influencers, don’t expect them to take the time to respond.

Always be authentic and transparent

It’s essential that you are always up-front and honest with the influencers you collaborate with. This is important for your audience too. Do not hide and try to hard sell them!

Don’t be shy: Increase exposure


Individual influencers with different objectives but increase exposure for both is a win-win situation for everyone.

How to find influencers?

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Don’t rely on just one source. Utilize multiple platforms and tools to find the right fit. 

Determining the right Instagram Influencer

Appealing to the right audience

Success in co-creating content with influencers is that they are actually influential to your target audience.

Mix your influencer types


Instead of just focusing on the ever popular brandividual, include internal experts, micro-influencers and customers in your influencer marketing mix.

Look for influencer alignment

Most importantly, focus on identifying influencers whose message aligns with your brand. You do not want to partner up with an influencer that does beauty but you are a food brand.


In conclusion, these tips is useful no matter if you’re just exploring influencer marketing or have seen some success already!