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Influencer Marketing Singapore

Singapore is among the top few nations in the Southeast region of Asia in terms of using social media. Many Singaporeans and companies have benefited from using social media to market successful campaigns. Most importantly, it provides ideal selling opportunities for small businesses and start-ups that are still growing to achieve higher returns with a relatively limited budget. This has led to us observing a trend in companies in Singapore adopting social media marketing in various advertising, business, and PR strategies.

One of the critical factors in this growing marketing trend is the ever-evolving mobile technology. With over 4.7 million mobile users in Singapore, 79 per cent actively use social media. The smartphones in the current market are getting more and more powerful and well-built. Combined with the growing and merging interface of social media and the internet, we see rapid growth of unique channels as Singaporeans move towards mobile-first content.

With that, businesses and brands in Singapore view this trend as an ideal opportunity to market and expand their company locally and overseas.


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  • As of 2022, Singapore’s population is measured at approximately 5.94 million.
  • There are over 8.56 million mobile connections, which means some Singaporeans use more than one smartphone.
  • 5.29 million browse the internet regularly, and 4.96 million actively use social media.
  • YouTube is still currently the most popular social media platform.
  • Followed by WhatsApp, then Facebook and Instagram.
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  • 71 per cent of customers are more inclined to make purchasing decisions based on social media recommendations, out of which 86 per cent of these consumers consist of females.
  • 70 per cent of teenagers subscribe to specific YouTube channels because they believe and respect the opinions of influencers more than celebrities on mainstream media.
  • This opens up a massive market opportunity for businesses. Studies have shown that for every dollar the business invest in KOL marketing, they generate 6.5 times more in ROI (Return Of Interest).
  • 57 per cent of fashion and beauty brands engage influencers as part of their marketing efforts. According to studies, results have shown that influencers contributed 86 per cent of the most-viewed beauty videos on YouTube, while beauty brands contributed the remaining 14 per cent.


If your company wants to engage a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) or an influencer for a KOL marketing campaign in Singapore, you may engage them directly or through an influencer marketing firm.

Given the extensive network of the web, it may appear simple to reach out to your desired influencers at a minimal cost. However, there are several KOLs and influencers in Singapore who focus on their own content, which may or may not fit with your organisation’s brand. As a result, identifying and connecting with the right influencers for your influencer marketing strategy might be difficult. If you want to run an efficient and successful influencer marketing campaign, you must first arm yourself with essential knowledge by reading several e-books and articles on the subject.

Alternatively, you may save time and effort by using the services an influencer marketing agency can provide. Helping to select the best-suited influencer for your marketing campaign, an influencer marketing agency is able to help you identify the proper solution. They may also, on behalf of your company, assist in negotiating with the influencer and tracking the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.


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#Building Trust

To begin with, social media influencers have established a steady pool of followers and target audiences. Furthermore, they have the ability to effortlessly influence their followers through product reviews, making them a reliable and trusted trendsetter. As a result, when influencers work with a specific brand, it generates a fresh perspective on that brand. This leads to their followers undoubtedly being on board with the product and buying them.

Influencer Marketing Indonesia


Influencer marketing need not be costly. Nevertheless, the expenses will undoubtedly be higher if you work with celebrities due to their extensive audience reach. Influencers are classified based on the number of followers they have – Celebrity, Macro, and Micro, with celebrity status being the most popular. The cost differs between each classification but nevertheless provides many brands with a less expensive marketing approach when compared to traditional advertising. There are also specific influencers who do social media advertising for exposure. So instead of accepting compensation, they would rather receive the products free of charge.

Influencer Marketing Indonesia

#New Content Strategy

Last but not least, each influencer certainly has their own characteristics when creating their content. One of the advantages is getting fresh content from each influencer. They understand how to create interesting contents that their audiences like, which will help them attract consumers. With the interesting contents being put out, it attracts and increases the desire of their audiences to try the product.


As an award-winning influencer marketing agency with a top-of-the-line AI-based platform, we can assist you in winning the Asia and Singapore markets by enlisting and matching the services of some of the best social media influencers and content creators with your business to build and generate interest in your brand.
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We assist you in entering the influencer marketing industry in Singapore in the most effective and quickest way possible, all from the comfort of your own home, using our patent AI engine, which promises 100 per cent outcomes for your market outreach.


The influence pyramid outlines the hierarchy of influencers. There are three classifications of influencers and KOLs:

  • Mega Influencers: These are famous celebrities, actors, social media stars, and athletes who have a large following. They generally have the highest reach but might have the least relevance to the brand.
  • Macro Influencers: These are famous models, bloggers, and YouTube vloggers who do not have as many followers as the mega influencers. They are usually category-specific kinds of influencers and hence are able to achieve optimal reach and relevance.
  • Micro & Nano Influencers: These are your everyday consumers with a low number of followers. Because most of their followers are made up of people they know, they usually are able to achieve the highest brand relevance, hence able to reach maximum engagement with their audience.

If you are seeking an influencer marketing agency or a KOL agency in Singapore, please contact us, and we will share relevant case studies with you.


What We Do For Our Clients

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Using our AI Platform, we develop an appealing content approach and identify suitable strategies and Singapore KOLs and influencers for your company.

influencer marketing southeast Asia


Throughout the campaign, we engage with influencers and safeguard your business against fraud and brand safety.

influencer marketing southeast Asia


With compelling material that boosts your brand's visibility, we guarantee and assure KPI-driven solutions. We also conduct a final reviewing meeting to discuss how we can further improve.

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Payment processes that are hassle-free guarantee that you have no concerns about budget allocations and influencer's fees.


Kobe’s patented AI engine can interpret social media feeds by analysing nine data factors, allowing us to link businesses with the most relevant influencers quickly. Using the AI engine, we can also estimate content performance and execute KPI-driven campaigns with weekly monitoring reports. We at Kobe aim to meet, if not surpass, your expectations! Get in touch with us to learn more about our AI-powered platform!
Our AI engine can research influencers and the demographics of their followers, which is critical for launching a successful influencer marketing campaign.
Guaranteed KPI Metrics
Number of Content

If you are seeking an influencer marketing agency or a KOL agency in Singapore, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will share relevant case studies with you.



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A successful influencer marketing campaign can range from a small scale to a large scale campaign. Moreover, what’s important is the outreach and engagement each influencer brings in. Depending on the content angle for each campaign, we look at different metrics, and each metric brings in a set of audiences that allows your brand objective to be heard.

More importantly, with an ever-changing world, it is time to keep up with the trend and dive into influencer marketing for a different set of audiences that you have never reached.

Some of the clients that we have worked with include: McDonald’s, Casetify, Ayataka, Sentosa. Contact us if you are looking for a KOL agency in Singapore.

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