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China is the world’s second largest economy. From economic development to market scale, China always ranks the first place in the world. Now that China is the first to apply 5G technologies, there is no doubt that China’s Internet model will lead the world in the future.

In the past ten years, China has made remarkable achievement in Internet technology, mobile devices and e-commerce. According to the statistics of APP ANNIE, China drove 40% mobile app spending and nearly half of all downloads in 2018. Based on its huge population and fast-growing social media platforms, China has become the largest influencer marketing market in the world.

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Influencer marketing, as a new type of marketing model, overturns the breadth and depth of the traditional marketing model, weakens the celebrity endorsement effect, receives high attention and quickly becomes one of the important methods of publicity and marketing in China.

Influencer marketing can spread right information to the right people by using big data analysis. Therefore, increasingly companies want to use influencer marketing to promote products to their targeted consumers. In 2018, the market scale of China influencer marketing was more than S$4,000 billion. With the development of Internet, the integration of social media platforms, e-commerce and digital payment enables China to explore more opportunities in influencer marketing.


In China, people are accustomed to using Internet, mobile phones and social media platforms. According to the official data of China Internet Network Information Center, the number of China netizens have reached 854 million, of which 99.1% of users use mobile phones. According to Mobile Internet Industry Data Research Report 2019 Q2, Chinese netizens download 56 apps per person and use those apps for an average of 4.7 hours per day. At the same time, every day more than 770 million of active Internet users post innovative content and share their own lives on all kinds of social media platforms.

With the diversification of social media ecology, there are various types of social platforms in China, which are mainly divided into following six types: social media platforms, news and knowledge platforms, short video platforms, vertical platforms, e-commerce platforms and live platforms.

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The platforms in the red rectangles are all key operating platforms.  Among them, Weibo, WeChat, TikTok, bilibili and Red小红书 are the top five social platforms in China. Weibo is the largest and the most influential omni-media social platform. WeChat is the biggest instant messaging social platform. TikTok is the most popular social media platform for short videos. Bilibili is the largest video sharing social platform themed around animation, comic and game (ACG). Red(小红书) is a beauty and fashion note sharing platform and the fastest growing cross-border e-commerce platform in China.


Due to the proliferation of various social media platforms, China influencer marketing has multiple marketing methods, mainly including text and photos, live, short videos and offline activities. In particular, the current trend is based on original content of products. Through influencer marketing, consumers can not only know the brand of products but also learn about the performance, trial experience and effects of products. 

We have put up a guide here to explain more about each of the China’s social media platforms. Download your guide below. 

Influencer Marketing Trends
  • Funny short video, beauty and fashion are the top 3 types of influencers
  • Influencers will develop in multiply social platforms and post more original and knowledgeable content.
  • Due to the development of 5G, short video and live will become mainstream. As of June 2019, Internet short video users have reached 648 million and Internet live users have reached 433 million in China
  • The integration of e-commerce and social media platforms
  • The market scale is constantly expanding. China influencers will increase cooperation with overseas brands and provide more cross-border promotion services
Why Influencer Marketing ?
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#To Build Trust

Firstly, influencers have their own followers on social media or we could say their own target audience. In addition, whatever they post can easily influence their followers. In reality, influencers become idols or trendsetters for their followers, when influencers collaborate with your business, a new perspective on the brand will emerge. On the other hand, influencers can give a detailed and realistic use experience from a consumers perspective. Followers can know more about products by interaction with influencers and comments from other followers, which help consumers make the  final purchase decisions. That is why most consumers prefer to believe influencers over celebrities.

Influencer Marketing Indonesia

#More Affordable 

Secondly, influencer marketing does not have to be expensive. Nonetheless, if you are working with celebrities, the cost will surely be higher due to a wider reach of audiences and customized advertisement. To some extent, for consumers, influencers are more creditable than celebrities. Simultaneously, the prices of influencers marketing vary due to the number of followers and marketing methods. You can choose different influencers based on budget and requirements

Influencer Marketing Indonesia

#New Content Strategy

Last but not least, each influencer certainly has its own characteristics in creating content. Influencers understand how to create interesting content that is liked by their audiences and this will help them attract consumers. Every time, influencers will combine their own characteristics with products and create original content. With the interesting content being put out, it attracts and increases the desire of their audiences to try the product

why influencer marketing agencies instead?

When you want to start influencer marketing,  you have two options: connect influencers directly or find a influencer marketing agency. Although directly approaching infuencers may seem more convenience and cost-effective, it cannot guarantee a successful marketing campaign as there several factors to be considered such as the followers influencers actually have and the minimum outreach that can be hit. At the same time, the majority of influencers in China social media belongs to influencer marketing agencies.

KOBE : asia's leading Influencers marketing platform

As an award-winning Artificial Intelligence Influencer Marketing agency, we help you win the China market by getting relevant celebrity, macro or micro Bloggers, Influencers, Youtubers or Instagrammers to build your brand presence and stimulate interest in your products or services.

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Asia's leading Influencer marketing platform

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Asia's leading Influencer marketing platform

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Along with our patent A.I. engine that guarantees 100% results for your market outreach, we help you venture into Influencer marketing China by the most efficient and fast way from the comfort of your home. 

what we do for our clients
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We plan out an attractive content angle and find relevant Indonesian Influencer for your brand with our A.I. Platform

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We communicate with Influencers and provide your brand with fraud protection and safety through the entire campaign

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We ensure guaranteed KPIs with storytelling content that amplifies your brand presence. With a final review meeting for future improvements

influencer marketing southeast Asia


Hassle free payment procedures, zero worries on budget allocating and Influencer payments


Kobe’s patent Artificial Intelligence engine is able to understand social media feeds through the analysis of 9 data points, allowing us to pair brands with influencers in a fast manner based on relevancy. Through our technology, we are also able to forecast content performance and deliver KPI-driven campaigns with weekly tracking reports. At Kobe, we strive to meet or even exceed your expectations! Connect with us to find out more about our AI-driven platform!

Asia's leading influencer marketing platform
Asia's leading influencer marketing platform

Our A.I platform is able to study the Influencer and their audience demographics which is absolutely important for implementing a successful Influencer Marketing campaign

Guaranteed KPI Metrics
Number of Content
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Successful influencer marketing campaigns

A successful Influencer Marketing campaign can range from a small scale to a large scale campaign. Moreover, what’s important is the outreach and engagement each Influencer brings in. Depending on the content angle for each campaign, we look at different metrics and each metric brings in a set of audiences that allows your brand objective to be heard. 
Importantly, with the ever changing-world, it is time to keep up with the trend and dive into Influencer Marketing for a different set of Audiences that you have never reached.  

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