Our Story

Our Story

Kobe was founded by Evangeline Leong, an entrepreneur with a passion for social media marketing. She sees a great potential in the digital marketing landscape, especially in empowering SMEs as they execute their innovative ideas.

Together with Cha Lin, a veteran in influencer marketing, they created Kobe Global Technologies, a pending patent* AI-driven advertising platform that pairs advertisers with relevant everyday influencers.

The name Kobe (口碑, kǒu bēi) means ‘word-of-mouth’ and was inspired from a humble wanton noodle stall in MacPherson. Looking at the fierce competition and rising cost of operation, Evangeline asked the wanton uncle what his secret recipe to success was. His answer was simple: “我的口碑很好” (My word-of-mouth recommendation is good). This piqued Evangeline’s interest and got her thinking how she could scale word-of-mouth for businesses out there in the world.

With the strong belief in the power of small businesses and the vision in helping them digitally transform their marketing channels, Kobe has since grown into a well-trusted and reliable platform for both brands and influencers. All these would not have been possible without our team talented individuals. Below is the awesome team behind Kobe.

*pending patent U.S.P.T.O. 62/448,409

We are the New Market Specialist

What Do We Do?

We harvest the power of influence for brands by getting the right people to say the right thing to the right crowd.

How We Do It?

We harness the power of AI technology to give you a detailed analysis of your target audience.

Why We Do It?

To be the Global Leader of Influence

Our Values

In Kobe, we believe in amplifying the genuine experiences we have in our daily lives, building communities of believers through their sharing

At Kobe, we believe in five core values

If you are an non-profit organization that share the same values as us, feel free to contact us for collaborations!