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Headquartered in Singapore, Kobe (口碑) kō-bē is an award-winning Artificial Intelligence Influencer Marketing platform that connects brands and agencies with relevant celebrity, macro, micro or everyday influencers, Instagrammers, bloggers or youtubers. We use social media and influencer marketing to build your brand image and engage your target market to talk about you.

Kobe (口碑) provides an end-to-end influencer marketing solution that includes influencer discovery, relationship building, campaign management and reporting analytics. Our team of social media and influencer marketing experts are ready to have you on board. Contact us today for our services by clicking here.

Our experienced professionals have had years working with influencers and big companies.

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Today, it is important to build a good rep since word-of-the-mouth advertising has become one of the most used mediums of advertising. Contact us to find out how you can make full use of word-of-the-mouth advertising and marketing today!


of people trust recommendations that come
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of buyers that come through referrals buy faster
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