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Influencer Marketing Indonesia

Indonesia is home to 277 million people and has great economic potential that is overlooked by the rest of the world. As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, the growth is expected to increase at a steady rate. It is predicted that Indonesian’s economy will grow to 5.9% in 2023, up from 2022’s target of 5.2%.

People now rely on their devices for information instead of television or newspapers. Indonesians spend a huge amount of time online (8 hours 52 minutes), much more than the global average of 6 hours 58 minutes. As a result, more businesses are shifting their marketing strategy to modern ways. Social media is a powerful place to sell as it is one of the top ways consumers learn about a brand today. Hence, businesses are turning to influencer marketing to boost their social presence.


Although influencer marketing can reach a larger audience, it is crucial to know which platform works best for a successful campaign. Given the changing landscape, it is difficult to keep up with the trend. To get you started, here’s a quick overview of the country’s social media and influencer marketing trends.


Internet Penetration


of Indonesians Are
Active Social
Media Users

3H 14Min

Average Daily Time
Spent Using
Social Media


  • Instagram is a popular platform in Indonesia. Instagram stories and feed are some tools that allow users to create interesting content.
  • 86.6% of Indonesians are Instagram users.*
  • +9.0% of the total advertising audience (monthly active Instagram users)*
  • Adverts on Instagram can reach 85 million people.*
  • 62% of consumers make buying purchases based on influencers.
  • More Indonesian E-commerce platforms are incorporating live streaming and shopping features. With this in mind, brands are looking for local influencers to help promote their products.
*Statistics from We Are Social and Hootsuite Digital Report 2021, Indonesia


#Build Trust

To begin, influencer marketing makes use of influencers to reach out to their communities. Unlike a celebrity, an influencer is someone who has made a name for themselves through social media platforms. Consumers normally rely on reviews before buying a product or service. Hence, real content from influencers will help to build your audience’s trust and increase your conversion rate.

#Increase Engagement

Next, influencers have the ability to connect with users during their “discovery” phase. The chances of their followers becoming your potential customers are high, especially if their niche is similar to yours. This trickle-down marketing approach will eventually allow you to build meaningful connections while remaining authentic.

#More Affordable

Thirdly, influencer marketing does not have to be costly as the price of influencers varies. Working with celebrities may incur a higher cost due to a larger audience reach. The price of influencers, on the other hand, varies according to their category. Compared to placing large advertisements, the influencer marketing budget will be smaller. There are also some influencers who do not take rates but instead, receive the product or service for free.

#New Content Strategy

Last but not least, each influencer certainly has their own characteristics in creating content. When creating content, they will always present their personality. For this reason, they often create relevant and unique content that their audiences like. With the interesting content being put out, it attracts and increases the interest of their audiences to try the product.


There are two ways to get started with influencer marketing.

Reach out to influencers directly. 

Although directly approaching influencers may seem easier and cost-effective, this does not guarantee a successful campaign. There are several factors to be considered such as the type of influencer, the audience they have, and the minimum outreach that can be hit. 

Engage an influencer marketing agency

Alternatively, an influencer marketing agency would be great to help execute campaigns. The agency can identify the right influencers and structure the strategies to play the strength of the client.

KOBE : asia's leading Influencers marketing platform

As an award-winning Artificial Intelligence Influencer Marketing agency, we help you win the Indonesia market. We look for relevant celebrity, macro or micro Bloggers, Influencers, Youtubers, or Instagrammers to build your brand presence and stimulate interest in your products or services.

Asia's leading Influencer marketing platform

25000 KOLs

Asia's leading Influencer marketing platform

80M Outreach

Asia's leading Influencer marketing platform

14 Countries

Along with our patent A.I. engine that guarantees 100% results for your market outreach, we help you venture into Influencer Marketing Indonesia by the most efficient and fast way from the comfort of your home. 


Influencers can be classified into three categories: Mega, Macro and Micro influencers. Celebrities at the top of the pyramid have the highest reach but low relevance. Whereas influencers at the bottom of the pyramid usually have low reach but high relevance. 

Mega Influencers: They are celebrities, actors, social media stars, athletes with a large following and at least 2% – 5% engagement per post. Therefore, they tend to have a diverse following with a wide range of interests. Although they have the most reach, they have the lowest relevance. Although they have the most reach, they have the lowest relevance. Because their relationship with their audience tends to appear to be more distant than that of other types of influencers.

Macro Influencers: They are established vloggers, bloggers and models with a sizable following and at least 5% – 20% engagement per post. They are usually category specific and have the highest topical relevance. They have consistent growth and performance, but their relevance is low due to a lack of engagement with their audience.

Micro Influencers: Everyday consumers with lesser followers and at least 25%- 50% engagement per post. Because these influencers tend to focus on specific topics or areas, they have the highest level of brand relevance and resonance.  Due to the genuine interactions, it helps to build trust within their followings.

Nano Influencers: Smaller outreach everyday consumers with the lowest amount of followers and at least 50-80% engagement per post. Nano influencer followers usually consist of family and friends. Despite having a lower reach, they have a higher follower credibility and engagement rate because they are regarded to be more friendly and genuine.

what we do for our clients
influencer marketing southeast Asia


We plan out an attractive content angle and find relevant Indonesian Influencer for your brand with our A.I. Platform

influencer marketing southeast Asia


We communicate with Influencers and provide your brand with fraud protection and safety throughout the entire campaign

influencer marketing southeast Asia


We ensure guaranteed KPIs with storytelling content that amplifies your brand presence. With a final review meeting for future improvements

influencer marketing southeast Asia


Hassle-free payment procedures. Zero worries on budget allocating and Influencer payments


Kobe’s patent Artificial Intelligence engine is able to understand social media feeds through the analysis of 9 data points, allowing us to pair brands with influencers in a fast manner based on relevancy. Through our technology, we are also able to forecast content performance and deliver KPI-driven campaigns with weekly tracking reports. At Kobe, we strive to meet or even exceed your expectations! Connect with us to find out more about our AI-driven platform!

Asia's leading influencer marketing platform
Asia's leading influencer marketing platform

Our A.I platform is able to study the Influencer and their audience demographics which is absolutely important for implementing a successful Influencer Marketing campaign

Guaranteed KPI Metrics
Number of Content
Our Influencers
Indonesian KOL
Millen Cyrus
Indonesian KOL
Alyssa Daguise
Nikita Kusuma
Indonesian KOL
Rebecca klopper
Indonesian KOL
Aurelie Hermansyah
Indonesian KOL
Elika Boen
Indonesian KOL
Mullie Marlina
Indonesian KOL
Filo Sebastian
Indonesian KOL
Essy Widjaja
Indonesian KOL
Alvin Suryanto
Successful influencer marketing campaigns

A successful Influencer Marketing campaign can range in size from a small scale to a large scale campaign. Moreover, what’s important is the amount of outreach and engagement each influencer brings in. Depending on the content angle for each campaign, we look at different metrics to bring in a set of audiences that allows your brand objective to be heard. Importantly, it is time to keep up with the trend and dive into Influencer Marketing for a different set of audiences that you have never reached before. 

Asia Music Group

Macro lifestyle influencers were engaged to create buzz and raise awareness for the BINI & BGYO virtual party. Each of them participated in the party actively, which contributed to a lively yet engaging party. As a result, they created 45 unique pieces of content to show how much fun they had at the virtual party.

Total Outreach: 7,634,397

Engagement Rate: 0.56%

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