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Indonesia is a country that has 263 million of a population containing great economic potential; a potential that has not gone unnoticed to part of the global community. Indonesia – Southeast Asia’s largest economy – contains several characteristics that put the country in a great position for newly advanced economic development.

People these days are using their gadgets to look for information and entertainment more than TV or newspapers. As a result, this trend has caused businesses to shift their marketing strategy from traditional to modern technologies. According to “we are social”, there are 150 million active social media users in Indonesia that are using popular social media platforms such as Youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, and Twitter.

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Undoubtedly, social media e-commerce is a very powerful place to sell today. Starting with online businesses conducted on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, social media influencers are now becoming a marketing strategy trend in Indonesia. In addition, phone applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have created buttons that allow someone to buy it right away. Currently, 31 percent of social media users use the platform to find the items that they want to buy and 56 percent of consumers follow a company account for the purpose of buying.  

Therefore, the use of influencer marketing in Indonesia to advertise on social media is increasingly in demand. Unquestionably, influencer marketing strategy plays an important role in promotion. Not only advertising the product, the use of influencer marketing effectively encourages consumers to buy products right away.

Influencer Marketing Trends
  • Instagram is a popular influencer marketing tool in Indonesia. There are many interesting features on Instagram such as Instagram stories, feeds, and IGTV that allows them to create interesting content
  • 80% of people are the most active on Instagram, and there are 62 million Instagram users in Indonesia.
  • +5.1% of the total advertising audience (monthly active Instagram users)
  • 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide their purchases
  • High return-on-investment for Instagram influencer where influencer marketing pays an average of $6.85 for every dollar spent
  • There are 62 million people that Instagram reports can be reached with adverts on Instagram
Why Influencer Marketing ?
Influencer Marketing Indonesia

#To Build Trust

Firstly, influencers have their own followers on social media or we could say their own target audience. In addition, they can easily influence their followers by saying anything about the product. Hence, this makes them a trendsetter, which is why many people believe in products that are recommended by influencers. Usually, they become an idol of their followers, when influencers collaborate with your business, a new perspective on the brand will emerge. In fact, their followers who see them as idols would certainly jump onto the bandwagon and purchase it as well. 

Influencer Marketing Indonesia

#More Affordable 

Secondly, influencer marketing does not have to be expensive. Nonetheless, if you are working with celebrities, the cost will surely be higher due to a wider reach of audiences. Influencers are divided through the number of followers ranging from micro, macros and celebrity influencers. Of course, the prices vary! However, compared to placing large advertisements, the influencer marketing budget will be smaller. There are also some influencers who do not take rates instead of getting the product or service for free.

Influencer Marketing Indonesia

#New Content Strategy

Last but not least, each influencer certainly has its own characteristics in creating content. One of the advantages is, getting fresh content from each influencer. They understand how to create interesting content that is liked by their audiences and this will help them attract consumers. With the interesting content being put out, it attracts and increases the desire of their audiences to try the product.

KOBE : asia's leading Influencers marketing platform

As an award-winning Artificial Intelligence Influencer Marketing agency, we help you win the Indonesian market by getting relevant celebrity, macro or micro Bloggers, Influencers, Youtubers or Instagrammers to build your brand presence and stimulate interest in your products or services.

Asia's leading Influencer marketing platform

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Asia's leading Influencer marketing platform

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Asia's leading Influencer marketing platform

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Along with our patent A.I. engine that guarantees 100% results for your market outreach, we help you venture into Influencer marketing Indonesia by the most efficient and fast way from the comfort of your home. 

Types of influencers

The pyramid of influence establishes the hierarchy of influencers. These influencers can be classified into three categories: Mega influencers, macro influencers and micro influencers.  Celebrities that are on the top of the pyramid, meaning they have the highest reach but have low relevance. Whereas influencers in the bottom of the pyramid usually have low reach but high relevance. 

Mega Influencers: They are celebrities, actors, social media stars, athletes with a huge amount of following and at least 2% – 5% engagement per post. This type of influencer tend to have a diverse audience and various topics of interest. Although they have the lowest relevance as the relationship with the audience seem more distant as compared to the other types of influencers, they do have the most reach. 

Macro Influencers: They are vloggers, bloggers, models with average amount of followers and at least 5%- 20% engagement per post. They are usually highest in terms of topical relevance and are category specific influencer. 

Micro Influencers: Everyday consumers with lesser followers and at least 25%- 50% engagement per post.  They are usually the highest in terms of brand relevance and resonance amongst the classification of influencers. These types of influencers tend to focus on specific topics or niches.

Nano Influencers: Smaller outreach everyday consumers with the lowest amount of followers with at least 50-80% engagement per post. Nano influencer followers consists of family and friends hence they have a higher follower credibility and engagement rate. 

what we do for our clients
influencer marketing southeast Asia


We plan out an attractive content angle and find relevant Indonesian Influencer for your brand with our A.I. Platform

influencer marketing southeast Asia


We communicate with Influencers and provide your brand with fraud protection and safety through the entire campaign

influencer marketing southeast Asia


We ensure guaranteed KPIs with storytelling content that amplifies your brand presence. With a final review meeting for future improvements

influencer marketing southeast Asia


Hassle free payment procedures, zero worries on budget allocating and Influencer payments


Kobe’s patent Artificial Intelligence engine is able to understand social media feeds through the analysis of 9 data points, allowing us to pair brands with influencers in a fast manner based on relevancy. Through our technology, we are also able to forecast content performance and deliver KPI-driven campaigns with weekly tracking reports. At Kobe, we strive to meet or even exceed your expectations! Connect with us to find out more about our AI-driven platform!

Asia's leading influencer marketing platform
Asia's leading influencer marketing platform

Our A.I platform is able to study the Influencer and their audience demographics which is absolutely important for implementing a successful Influencer Marketing campaign

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Successful influencer marketing campaigns

A successful Influencer Marketing campaign can range from a small scale to a large scale campaign. Moreover, what’s important is the outreach and engagement each Influencer brings in. Depending on the content angle for each campaign, we look at different metrics and each metric brings in a set of audiences that allows your brand objective to be heard. 
Importantly, with the ever changing-world, it is time to keep up with the trend and dive into Influencer Marketing for a different set of Audiences that you have never reached.  

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