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Micro-Influencers Instagram Are Important For Your Brand

By October 7, 2018July 9th, 2024No Comments

Micro-influencers definition

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Micro influencers instagram are gaining traction and how to become a micro influencer is a hot topic. Micro-influencers definition has varied forms, usually it’s about the number of followers/engagements. Using micro-influencers with smaller, more targeted audiences can provide a great ROI, especially for brands with smaller budgets.

1. Low-cost way to try Influencer Marketing 

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The prices some influencers charge per post can vary greatly — from a few hundred dollars to six figures. There are plenty of micro-influencers that you can secure posts from that charge anywhere from $100 to $250 per post or lower. For a couple thousand dollars you can secure several posts from influencers that are highly engaged with your ideal audience. Influencer marketing won’t work for every business, hence micro-influencers is a good start.

2. Place your offer right in front of your target 


While an influencer with 5 million followers appears to have a large following, there is no guarantee their followers all share the same interest. You would be much better off identifying several influencers that post content about your product/service category. It’s then obvious that their following has a genuine interest in the product you offer. The content these influencers post will receive much more engagement than it would receive by a mega influencer.

3. Higher engagement rates at a fraction

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Micro-influencers tend to have a much more genuine following — people who are truly interested in their content. They are followed because they post value. The people liking and commenting on their content are doing so because they appreciate the posts. This engagement can be much more valuable.

4. Instant trust and credibility

When an influencer introduces your product or service, their followers trust their recommendation. After all, they are following them because they value their opinion and trust what they have to say.

Using micro-influencers allows you to eliminate the trust barrier when using more traditional marketing. Micro-influencers have loyal followings with an established relationship. A recommendation from them gives your brand a stamp of approval.

5. They know how to effectively deliver your brand’s message to their audience.

Larger influencers have such a diverse following, it’s often very difficult to create content that appeals to the entire audience. Micro-influencers have smaller, niche-focused audiences, which allows them to really understand what makes their followers tick.

When it comes to creating content, knowing their audience allows micro-influencers to post in an organic way, making it feel less commercial.