January 2019

Learn how to snap Instagram worthy photos

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With only basic photography tips Cool instagram picture ideas with some Instagram photo tricks. Even those with basic photography tips can achieve instagram worthy shots. With the proliferation of smartphones, everyone becomes a photographer. The problem is, most of us don't have the skills to take advantage of the advanced cameras that we carry around [...]

August 2018

Influencer Marketing Strategy: Perfect Instagram Pictures

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Influencer Photography 101 Ever wonder how to take pictures like instagram influencers? How did they capture those perfect instagram pictures? Perfect Instagram Pictures: Plan and conceptualise Before snapping a photo, find your best Instagram angles. You should conceptualise what you want to share with your audience. Stay calm and observe the style that you like [...]

May 2018

How to get the perfect Instagram photo?

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What is the perfect Instagram photo? Yeah we all know it concerns the lighting and the angle, hmmm but the question is how? What are the ways to find your best Instagram angles and lighting? Tip #1 Before you press the capture button, try to conceptualise the image in your mind. You can also scroll through [...]