July 2019

12 best Instagram aesthetics you can try | Instagram feed ideas

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Instagram. The place where your eyes are in for a treat. Slightly unique from other social media platforms, Instagram is highly visual based. From pictures to videos. Instagram is certainly a platform highly involved in the visual aesthetics. It is a place where our creativity is allowed to flow. Be it in terms of photo [...]

5 insider secrets influencers want you to know | Influencer Guide

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Influencers. Considered to be one group of people that have a strong persuasive power over the online population. Influencer marketing refers to the use of influencers to market a product or brand. Influencers refer to social media users who have the ability to influence the decisions and shape the perception of others online. Influencers are [...]

June 2019

5 simple steps to keep influencer marketing fraud away

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How to spot fraud & fakery in influencer marketing Also known by many as the fastest growing industry in marketing, influencer marketing has been readily adopted into the strategies of multiple brands. While there are many positive benefits of influencer marketing, there have also been rising concerns about the fraud associated with this industry. After [...]

5 reasons that prove the future of Influencer Marketing is a bright one

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Why influencer marketing is here to stay Influencer marketing refers to the use of influencers to market a brand. This form of consumer to consumer marketing has seemed stir up quite a buzz in recent years. Being relatively new to the marketing scene, there have been doubts that have questioned its sustainability. This is especially [...]

An in depth analysis of Fashion, Beauty, F&B Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Marketing in the different industries If you take a quick scroll through your social media accounts now, what do you see? Of course there will be the occasional memes, or status updates from your friends. But what remains constant is the sighting of influencers promoting brands, products and sharing discount codes with us, their [...]

5 reasons that fully explain the Influencer Marketing phenomenon

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Growth in Influencer Marketing, why is it so? Just a decade ago, the term influencer marketing was almost unheard of. However, today it has become one of the more popular buzzwords among marketers. It has now become a common sight for influencers to work with brands to market things on social media. Growth in influencer [...]

May 2019

Kobe Raw – Interview with @darylaiden

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Kobe Raw – @darylaiden How is life like being an influencer? In this issue of "Kobe Raw", we will be hearing from Daryl Aiden. There will be some tips as well for those that aspire to be an Influencer in the future, a headstart for you. Q1) Can you share with us how you started [...]

Top 9 Influencer Marketing strategies marketers are using in 2019

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Influencer Marketing 2019 Nowadays people talk too much on how influencer marketing can help you improve your digital marketing strategy but will rarely talk about how they are to be implemented. Many companies have hired social media influencers to attract the attention of customers. However, even if influencer marketing campaigns means a plus to your [...]

3 Steps to ace your Influencer Marketing Game | Kobe

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Did you know that Google searches for Influencer Marketing grew 1500% over 3 Years? With the rise in popularity of digital marketing, influencer marketing has likewise experienced an increase in take up rate. In fact, influencer marketing is at the forefront of it. (The influencer marketing industry would most probably be worth 10 billion by [...]

Top Tech Influencers a tech junkie might not know | Tech Influencers 2019

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Influencers are people who've built a good reputation online for their expertise and knowledge on a certain topic. They have the ability to shape and influence the perceptions and decisions of others. Tech influencers are individuals who use their credibility to boost their careers, promote themselves, and also inspire other people to engage with technology. [...]