March 2019

Calling all the fashionistas out there!

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Your sure drool Instagram fashion guide Fashion. A topic that a 7 year old can have in common with a 70 year old. Fashion is timeless. Apart from its functionality, it can be a medium for our creativity, to express ourselves with the different combinations of colours patterns and design. Today’s article is the 2nd [...]

December 2018

Elements of Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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Influencer Marketing Strategy Key influencer marketing examples important for your influencer marketing strategy and influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing strategy has undergone both expansion and democratization recently. More brand and companies are turning to influencers to create more authentic storytelling. Influencer Marketing Strategy has become the digital version of word of mouth advertising. Advent of [...]

September 2018

Working with Influencer Marketing Instagram

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Influencer marketing examples Are you an avid social media user? What are some influencer marketing platform that you use? Here’s a quick question. How much do you think is your daily influencer marketing instagram consumption? Value of social media marketing The main value of social media marketing is the direct connectivity you get instantly to your [...]