January 2019

Learn how to snap Instagram worthy photos

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With only basic photography tips Cool instagram picture ideas with some Instagram photo tricks. Even those with basic photography tips can achieve instagram worthy shots. With the proliferation of smartphones, everyone becomes a photographer. The problem is, most of us don't have the skills to take advantage of the advanced cameras that we carry around [...]

December 2018

When you have these 5 Signs, You Should Start to Outsource Influencer Marketing

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Key Influencer Marketing Hub: Instagram Influencer marketing examples: Key influencer marketing hub for understanding the power of social media influencers. Influencer marketing is no longer a “let’s test this with a small budget” tactic. According to a study conducted by Linqia, 39% of marketers say they plan to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2018.  [...]

October 2018

Why influencer marketing today is best for e-commerce

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E-commerce and Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing today with influencer marketing 2018 triumphing the industry. Work your way up with our influencer marketing examples. Influencer marketing is quickly occupying e-commerce niche. here's some successful influencer marketing examples and reasons why you should start doing influencer marketing today.  Definition of influencer marketing today An influencer is an individual [...]

September 2018

5 Keys to Influencer Marketing

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Learn Influencer Marketing Consumers have always looked up to experts, peers, or friends for guidance and recommendations on their purchases. This is why influencer campaign has been successful as influence is  clearly an integral part of consumer buying decisions. Learn the keys to influencer marketing with our 5 important influencer campaign goals.  5 Keys to [...]

August 2018

How to use YouTube Ads for Business

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YouTube Ads for Business: How effective is it? Reaching your target market is not easy and simple. It requires patience, persistence, and an effective marketing tool. When social media took over the world of the internet, everything seems interconnected and extremely convenient. With the number of social media accounts, giving YouTube Ads a try will give [...]

How to attract readers to your blog

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How to attract more readers to your blog Have an amazing blog with valuable blog posts, but difficult for you to get more readers for your blog? Amazing blog posts, but after months of publishing, you’re still not getting any readers — no one is reading your blog contents. What do blog readers want? We all know the [...]

July 2018

Marketing performance indicator, kpi and example

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Marketing performance indicator is no easy task Figuring out how your company will grow is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers. But setting the dream marketing team up is tougher. One reason is that, individual players in many companies don't use the same playbook. Marketers have used traditional channels such as print, radio, TV, yellow pages [...]

May 2018

2 Travel influencer marketing mistakes you MUST avoid

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These days, travel marketing is not easy. It doesn't help that it is even harder just to stay relevant in Singapore. Smart phone are everywhere in Singapore, in fact it is THE highest globally. Singaporeans are so digitally savvy and everyone is just well experienced in traveling. Just look at any Instagram profile, I can [...]

April 2018

4 Tips for influencer marketing for food marketing/F&B industry in 2018

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Food Marketing is a shark infested ocean. The field of food marketing is hyper competitive that it only takes one sub-par ad, to lead your marketing budget to waste. This, along with the fact that traditional methods for food marketing just aren't effective as before. So how are you going to make it out of [...]

Insider guide: How to work with influencers?

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How to work with influencers? The main value of social media marketing is the direct connectivity you get instantly to your target audiences. Across all the industries, it is always possible to find the best fit for your brand and collaborate with these social experts. Here’s a quick question for you frequent social media users. [...]