April 2019

The 3 most common influencer marketing misconceptions

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We begin with a simple introduction on influencer marketing. Influencer marketing refers to the use of an influencer to promote a brand/product. An influencer is an individual who plays a part in shaping the perceptions and decisions of the people around them. For the sake of today’s article, we will be focusing on online influencers [...]

April 2018

Insider guide: How to work with influencers?

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How to work with influencers? The main value of social media marketing is the direct connectivity you get instantly to your target audiences. Across all the industries, it is always possible to find the best fit for your brand and collaborate with these social experts. Here’s a quick question for you frequent social media users. [...]

January 2018

What is a digital influencer?

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How to develop an influencer marketing strategy? One of the modern widely known marketing tool would probably be developing a digital influencer marketing strategy. In short, widely established influencers branding company in Singapore would have to be gushcloud and nuffnang. The Singapore community Nuffnang influencers and gushcloud influencers are part of 2 Singapore leading blog [...]

What is a brand influencer?

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Definition of a brand influencer What exactly is the proper brand influencer definition? What is the difference between popular choices of marketing? Brand influencer vs advocate?  They are not just a “brand function" as there are many different definitions of the term "influencers".   Here's why. Why brand influencers? According to a survey, 18% trust influencers [...]

Choosing the right marketing agencies in Singapore

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Making the right choice among Marketing Agencies You’re thrown with an upcoming project from your boss to promote the latest products. You need to craft a marketing campaign, but you’re unsure how. In goes “ marketing agencies in Singapore ” on Google search, only left to be daunted by the large amount of choices available [...]

How Singaporean Parents make Purchase Decisions?

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How do you make purchase decisions? As Singaporean parents, we always want the best for our children when we make purchase decisions. Following on the latest parenting tips and trends by parent blogger and parenting influencers Singapore, it will be best if we can relate to them! Isn’t it so convenient that there are mummy [...]

December 2017

Social Media Influencers in Singapore

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Social Media Influencers In today’s digital age, social media is one of the most commonly used digital platforms. Almost everyone owns a social media account to follow and to catch up on the latest trends. Social media influencers have the ability to influence their audience. Therefore, advertisers see the potential in using influencers to engage [...]

Comparison of Influencer Marketing Channels in Singapore 2018

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Traditional Celebrity Endorsement VS Self-serve Influencer Marketing Crowdsourcing  VS Artificial Intelligence Influencer Marketing Platform When іt соmеѕ tо finding suitable Influencer Marketing Channels to promote уоur business, уоu wіll nееd tо determine whаt уоur nееdѕ are. Eасh channels have their unique pros аnd cons аѕѕосіаtеd wіth them. Depending on your objective, there are some considerations [...]

October 2017

Important Guide to Finding Influencers at SEA

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Finding Influencers in SEA Tips to target relevant influencers One of the best marketing strategies you could do for your business is having influencers in SEA. Building your business in the counties of Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia could be challenging but you have the right influencer to help you promote your business, that task of [...]

September 2017

3 tips on improving pull strategies using SEO

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Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is a marketing effort that helps to develop awareness as well as increase engagement on the different digital platforms such as web marketing, blogging, email marketing and social marketing. It can be done either by Push or Pull strategies. Social Marketing is the newest addition in the world of digital marketing. It [...]

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