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When it comes to health and fitness, everyone is different. For instance, weight lifting might be the preferred way for some to keep fit. However, there are also others that engage in a variety of exercises. After all, there is no one size fit all exercise. Different types of exercises might cater to a certain of people depending on lifestyle and personal preference.

Today’s article introduces 7 male fitness influencers. From bodybuilding to staying active, these influencers have taken to social media to share their workout and diet regimes. Whether you prefer a good cardio workout or are looking to increase your muscle mass, this list of influencers is worth checking out for some informative tips on working out.

Fitness influencers 2022: #1. Edison Ho

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Firstly, we have Edison Ho (@edisonhle), who is a fitness influencer based in Singapore.

He is best known for his great physique and expertise in weightlifting. In fact, he has won several bodybuilding competitions in the course of his career. One of the many awards he has won includes the Mr Congeniality award in the Mister Singapore 2012 competition.

He is also a certified personal trainer and has been in the industry since 2012. Apart from weightlifting, he also offers a range of personal training services. From cardio training to endurance training, he is able to cater to the needs of his clients by tailoring workouts.

Like many of the other Male Fitness influencers on this list, most of the content uploaded on his Instagram account revolved around exercise and the gym. For instance, he does post parts of his personal workouts on his Instagram page. However, apart from moments in the gym, he also posts family-related content. In fact, you can catch his adorable son making regular appearances on his social media accounts!

Fitness influencers 2022: #2. Benedict Koh

Secondly, we have (@ben.koh_), who is a fitness influencer as well as a full-time banker.

You might be familiar with his old username, Ben The Gym Rat. Although his Instagram username has been changed, it appears that fitness is still a great part of his passion.

From morning hikes to callisthenics, it appears that there is a form of exercise that Ben cannot do. Although he graduated from university a few years back, it appears that he is still keeping an active lifestyle. If you are a working adult looking for some fitness inspiration from a fellow working adult, Benedict’s account is one to check out.

Fitness influencers 2022: #3. Ryan Chan

Thirdly, we have Ryan Chan (@shimsfitness), who is a fitness influencer who juggles many different responsibilities.

If you take a scroll through Ryan’s social media pages, you can probably tell how much hard work he puts into his career. Apart from his social media account, he is also an industrial designer and a trader. He certainly fits the definition of a hustler!

Amidst his busy lifestyle, he also takes the time to recharge and enjoy simple luxuries in life. From kayaking to going on picnics, he often posts about his rest days on his Instagram account.

Apart from pictures taken in the gym, Ryan often posts rather informative content on his social media accounts. From topics like intermittent fasting to avoiding workout injuries, he has a regular series of explanatory content on his Instagram page.

Fitness influencers 2022: #4. Muhammad Fuad Al-hakim

Fourthly, we have Muhammad Fuad Al-hakim (@fuadalhakimofficial), also known as Faud Kim on social media.

Keeping healthy is not only about exercising, a balanced diet forms the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. This principle is also practised by Faud Kim, who often shares great recipes with his followers online. For instance, in a recent video, he shares a recipe to make Frittata, a dish that is healthy and high in protein.

His dedication to keeping healthy and bodybuilding has won him several accolades. He is the winner of Manhunt Singapore 2015 and won the Best Physique award in the international competition in the following year.

Fitness influencers 2022: #5. Jason Chee

Next up, we have Jason Chee (@thejasonchee), who is one of the most popular fitness influencers in Singapore. With more 40K followers on Instagram, he has built a name for himself in the fitness industry.

Jason has been in the local fitness industry for more than 10 years. Over the years, he has won several bodybuilding competitions. From being the winner of Manhunt Singapore in 2012 to winning the trendsetter award in the Fitness Best Asia Awards in 2017, Jason has amassed quite a following over the years.

Like many of the other Male Fitness influencers, his Instagram account is filled with gym-related content. However, apart from workouts, he often posts his client’s fitness journey. Therefore, if you are interested to read about some realistic inspirational fitness stories, do check out his Instagram account.

Fitness influencers 2022: #6. Darren Stephen Lim

Moving on, we have Darren Stephen Lim (@dslasher), who is a male fitness influencer and a founder of a gym.

If you take a quick scroll through his Instagram, you can see that a huge portion of his content is related to gym workouts. However, apart from the typical fitness-related content, his dog makes a regular appearance on his social media account.

If you are a pet lover, his Instagram is the place to go-to for adorable pets and workout inspiration.

Fitness influencers 2022: #7. Haaziq Mutazah

Lastly, we have Haaziq Mutazah (@caliwithziqqy), who is a fitness influencer and the co-founder of a fitness studio.

As you may be able to guess from his username, he has expertise in callisthenics. From the pictures that he has posted on Instagram, we can certainly tell them he has mastered callisthenics. However, apart from callisthenics, he is also a certified yoga instructor, which explains his great flexibility.

The influence of yoga has also resulted in his unique approach to callisthenics. If you want to tone up your body and improve your flexibility at the same time, his Instagram account is a great place to start.


There are many male fitness influencers on Instagram. Do check out the platform for more fitness influencers in Singapore.

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