December 2018

How to Encourage Sharing of Influencer Marketing Instagram Posts

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Influencer Marketing Instagram Instagram influencers are key to social media influencer marketing. The one platform is usually on influencer marketing instagram where... When it comes to Influncer Marketing Instagram the most important metric you need to focus on is your followers. But you don’t want to have just any kind of follower, anyone can buy [...]

How to save time with Influencer Marketing Content Creation

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What is influencer content marketing? Social media influencer marketing: learn with influencer content examples targeted at effective influencer content building. We all know that content is the backbone of successful marketing. We’ve heard it time and time again, but what does ‘content’ really mean? Whether you’re using it online or physical influencer content marketing such [...]

October 2018

Social media influencer marketing

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Influencer marketing 2018 Influencer Marketing 2018: Learn social media influencer marketing with influencer marketing examples here. In case you missed 2017 influencer marketing examples, let's allow the numbers to speak for itself.  You want your money well spent. For each dollar spent on social media influencer marketing, marketers see an average of $7.65 in earned media value [...]

August 2018

11 ways to crafting creative influencer campaigns

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Creative influencer campaigns? For many different types of businesses, Instagram is a meaningful opportunity to generate new customers or to better engage with existing customers. They either partner with influencer marketing agency to develop creative influencer campaigns or do social media influencer marketing themselves. Compared to other platforms, brands that post content on Instagram receive 15 [...]

The power of social media influencers

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Using influencers in marketing Social media influencer marketing has no signs of slowing down. Influencer on these platforms are getting all sorts of requests to collaborate, with the intentions to capitalise on the power of social media influencers with social media influencer marketing, using influencers in marketing The power of social media influencers There is more [...]

January 2017

Guide to Social Media Influencer Marketing

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7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Social Media Influencer Marketing   Guide to Social Media Marketing  1. Social influencers hold the key between you and your target market. One of the most important job of marketers is to capture the right target audience. Influencer marketing agencies can make use of advanced software and algorithm [...]

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