March 2018

Word of mouth marketing still the most credible in SEA

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Living in Southeast Asia (SEA), what is credible word of mouth to you? Word of mouth (WOM) marketing is organic marketing from people that you trust and/or know. To continue strong in marketing, especially in south-east Asia (SEA), you need to know this. How do you continue to be the most trusted source of advertising? [...]

February 2018


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WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING COMES TO LIGHT Since 1940s, advertising has been present around the world. It has expanded from traditional methods such as prints and radio into digital platforms such as search engines, social media and websites. Have you ever wondered how businesses survived before the rise of traditional methods? Let us take a look [...]

December 2017

Instagram Influencers in Singapore 2018

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Instagram Influencers When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is one of the best platforms to market your campaign. A picture says a thousand words - video and graphic advertisements are what that attracts your audience. Therefore, Instagram is one of the best social media platform to spread your message. High reach, high usage, high [...]

October 2017

How Influential Can Word of Mouth Be

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What is Word of Mouth How Effective is Word of Mouth Have you witnessed something and you had to share with your family and friends about it? Or having a wonderful experience at a restaurant and instagram-ing about it? That is word of mouth marketing. In case you didn’t know yet, it is an organic method of [...]

August 2017

Why Traditional Businesses Are Going Digital?

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Digital Marketing The way businesses were conducted 20 or 50 years ago are very different today. Social media marketing thrives with over a billion of Facebook users and hundreds of thousands of businesses using digital media to promote their brand and service. But, what is it really about these technologies that most, if not all, [...]

July 2017

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

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Overview of Influencer Marketing Marketing is not a difficult task anymore. With the different solutions available online, promoting your business, reaching your target market, and increasing the number of your potential clients have been easy and simple. However, not all marketing tools are effective and efficient. To get the most out of your choice, it [...]

May 2017

How word of mouth marketing benefits SME

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Different Types of Marketing Why is word of mouth marketing most effective In business today, the importance of using the right kind of marketing has become more apparent than ever. Far from the immense simplicity of marketing in the past, today we can have almost too many choices. Particularly in the digital marketing arena. One [...]

March 2017

The Virus of Marketing

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What is Viral Marketing Minimal budgets and maximum effect is what all marketers wish to achieve. If you think about it, doesn't that sound similar to a virus? V-marketing or viral marketing allow the community to spread the message on its own without much interference from the marketers. How to do so then? The answer [...]

February 2017

Viral Marketing: How We Got 285 Entries in 3 Days!

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How We Got 285 Entries in 3 Days! During the Chinese New Year festive season, Kobe decided to engage its influencers in an unprecedented way by getting them to participate in KobexCNY Instagram post entry contest. Within merely three days, Kobe garnered a whopping response of entries from its followers, 285 to be precise. Here [...]