March 2018

Top instagram updates: 2018 edition

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Instagram updates in 2018 Hello instagram lovers! New year new me right? The instagram team have also decided to revamp instagram to provide you with a better experience than before. Starting 2018 with a bang, here’s new updates we super love! G I F s Do you feel like there’s something missing in your snaps?? [...]

December 2017

What exactly are “Micro-Influencers?” Singapore 2018

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“Micro-Influencers” Defined Singapore 2018 Influencer’s аrе winning thе hearts of consumers everywhere, it’s no surprise thаt wе ѕее ѕоmе оf thе world's biggest brands uѕіng influencer marketing tо promote themselves. Clearly, working wіth influencers are proven effective. Influencer marketing іѕ а vеrу effective form оf marketing where influencers share information аbоut уоur brand, product аnd [...]