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How to keep up with the everchanging Influencer Marketing Trends

By September 1, 2018October 18th, 2019No Comments

Influencer marketing 2018

Brand influencer marketing isn’t a new idea, it isnt simply influencer marketing 2018. But our digital and social media form of influencer marketing exploded in popularity in recent years. Some key influencer marketing trends will definitely help.

Successful influencer marketing strategy

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It takes more than an instagram account and some free product to generate conversations on social media today. There are more brands paying for influencer marketing than you think. If you thinking of planning one, here’s a guide.

We’ll get you up to date on everything you need to know about influencer marketing 2018 with some important influencer marketing trends. So you can either adjust your current influencer strategy or— if you’re just getting started— possess the knowledge of planning an influencer marketing strategy.

Kep Influencer Marketing Trends: 

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The needs of consumers evolve, which means influencer marketing must adapt to help businesses meet those needs. 

Make more out of your buck with long term influencer strategies with micro-influencers 

Now, more businesses are starting to work long-term with micro-influencers who match their brands style and voice.  Rather than working with numerous influencers on small campaigns and using high-profile or celebrity influencers!

Having millions of followers doesn’t mean everyone are engaged. Micro-influencers have smaller audiences, typically 1,000 to 10,000, but these influencers have a more personal relationship with their audience. They understand and respect their audience, and their audience feels more of a personal connection with them, knowing who they are and what they like. Find out the difference between micro and macro influencers here.

Micro-influencers cost less to work with and produce 60% higher campaign engagement rates, driving 22 times more weekly conversions than their macro counterparts.

It can cost a lot to work with dozens of influencers on one-off content pieces. The challenge then is trying to tie those efforts to a return on investment in order to justify the spend.  That’s why more brands are establishing long-term relationships with micro-influencers

A longer-term approach where you cultivate a quality relationship with a micro-influencer, and ultimately consumers. This will give you more quality content and more effective engagement that drives long-term results for your company.

An influencer event

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Companies are getting more creative with ways to attract influencers and encourage them to share their content. An influencer event — a (typically glamorous and instagrammable) party for influencers to mingle and enjoy themselves. This gives influencers the opportunity to share live updates of their experiences. These events offer a chance for influencers to try out products or services and get sneak peeks into new brand offerings. 

Allocating more budget into influencer marketing strategies 

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The proof of value is in the engagement, brand awareness, and conversions influencers provide. More brands than ever are making influencer marketing a key component of their marketing strategies.