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With over a billion monthly active users on the platform, Tiktok’s content has expanded to include all types of unique videos.

From the ubiquitous dance and lip-sync videos to unique content, TikTok has evolved to become a platform housing all sorts of unique content. Today’s article focuses on one type of niche content, crystal-related content.

Crystal influencers have been driving the production of crystal videos on TikTok. Whether you are looking for crystals to purchase or are simply curious about crystals and their burgeoning popularity on TikTok, these 4 crystal influencers have something to offer.

Crystal TikTokers: #1. @Rocksforthespiritt

Crystal influencers, Crystal TikTokers

Firstly, we have @rocksforthespiritt, an account that, as its name suggests, uploads all sorts of rock-related content.

There are many crystal accounts on TikTok. However, this account is unique as it regularly uploads crystal content related to the sourcing process. Unlike your typical crystal videos which introduce the packaged, end product that crystal collectors often see, this account has many videos about sourcing and obtaining crystals.

From finding Quartz Crystals in Arkansas (USA) to digging out 16 crystals in one single pocket, this account also includes videos that document the joy of discovering new crystals hidden beneath the earth.

Apart from crystal discovery videos, the account also features all sorts of unique crystals. From the humongous Amethyst Geodes to the rare Rainbow Obsidian, the stone collection featured on the account is not that of your typical crystal collector.

Thus, if you are a huge crystal collector, @Rocksforthespiritt is an account that you should check out to discover some of the unique stones out there.

Crystal TikTokers: #2. @Yumekacake

Secondly, we have @yumekacake, who is a crystal influencer with great aesthetics.

As you may expect from a crystal influencer, her collection of crystals is ginormous. She has a sizeable crystal collection. Furthermore, she has also managed to arrange her crystals in a way that matches her room’s earthy aesthetics.

yumekacake has tastefully used items like candles and mirrors to decorate her crystal display area. She has also shared how her display area is a place where she recharges after her social battery has been drained.
She often shares her personal crystal collection on TikTok. Additionally, she also has an Etsy shop where she sells all sorts of crystals. Indeed, opening some sort of small business is a great idea to earn an income while doing what one likes.

Aside from crystal-related videos, yumekacake also produces other types of content ranging from fit-checks to travel vlogs. Indeed, she certainly shows us that being a crystal influencer does not require one to only post about crystals. Instead, it is about incorporating crystal-related content with one’s usual aesthetics.

Crystal TikTokers: #3. @Cherucrystals

Thirdly, we have @cherucrystals, a Singapore-based crystal business on TikTok.

The account produces all sorts of behind-the-scenes content for the crystal small business. From choosing crystals to packing specific orders, there is a good amount of crystal ASMR content on the TikTok account.

Furthermore, there is always interesting information in many of the packing videos. For instance, in one of the orders, a customer purchased a crystal pack for Mahjong Luck. If you are a fan of crystals and often play mahjong, such videos will certainly be interesting for you to see.

An additional benefit of following the account would be the notification of any crystal sale going on. If you are interested in purchasing crystals, do check out the account for regular updates of new crystal launches.

Crystal TikTokers: #4. @Crystalliac

Lastly, we have @crystalliac, another Singapore-based crystal business on TikTok.

As you expect from a local small business, a huge amount of content features the packing process of the crystal business.

Additionally, if you are unsure of which crystal to purchase, the account provides great information about the categories of crystals. For instance, there is a video dedicated to crystals for emotional balance. Thus, if you have a specific category of crystals that you are looking for, do check out the account for more informative crystal tips.

If you are interested in ordering and would like to see your crystals being packed, do indicate it in your order to see TikToks of your crystal order that is in progress.



As apparent from this article, there are many crystal influencers on TikTok. Are you looking for the different effects of crystals? Or do you simply enjoy the ASMR sounds created from crystals? Regardless of your answer, the crystal content on TikTok would certainly be interesting to you. Furthermore, there is an additional benefit of being able to purchase crystals given the number of crystal influencers selling crystals.