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Singapore is home to a vibrant community of social media influencers who are making significant waves both locally and internationally. These female influencers come from various backgrounds, offering content that ranges from fashion and beauty to fitness and lifestyle. Their engaging posts and authentic personalities have garnered them substantial followings, making them some of the most influential voices in the digital space. Whether you are looking for fashion inspiration, beauty tips, or just a glimpse into their exciting lives, these ten female influencers are definitely worth following.

1. Annette Lee (@annettelee) – 211K Followers

Annette Lee (@annettelee) - 211K Followers

Annette Lee is a multi-talented artist whose comedic skits and original music have captivated a significant following on Instagram. Her relatable humour and charismatic personality shine through in her videos and posts, making her a beloved figure in Singapore’s social media scene. Annette’s content often features her musical talents, creative storytelling, and everyday scenarios that resonate with a wide audience. Her ability to bring joy and laughter to her followers’ feeds has cemented her status as one of Singapore’s top influencers.

2. Naomi Neo (@naomineo_) – 923K Followers

Naomi Neo (@naomineo_) - 923K Followers

With nearly a million followers, Naomi Neo is a powerhouse in the influencer world. Known for her lifestyle, beauty, and family content, Naomi’s authenticity and openness about her personal life resonate deeply with her audience. She frequently shares insights into her daily routines, beauty tips, and family moments, providing a genuine look into her life. Naomi’s candidness and willingness to share both the highs and lows of her journey have built a strong connection with her followers, making her one of the most influential voices in Singapore.

3. Melissa Celestine Koh (@melissackoh) – 281K Followers

Melissa Celestine Koh (@melissackoh) - 281K Followers

Melissa Koh is a fashion and lifestyle influencer who epitomises elegance and sophistication. Her beautifully curated Instagram feed is a visual delight, filled with stunning travel photos, chic outfits, and moments from her everyday life. Melissa’s content often highlights her adventures around the world, her impeccable fashion sense, and her personal experiences. Her eye for detail and ability to capture beautiful moments make her posts highly engaging, and her influence in the fashion and lifestyle sectors is well-recognised.

4. Wendy Cheng (@xiaxue) – 575K Followers

Wendy Cheng (@xiaxue) - 575K Followers

Wendy Cheng, better known as Xiaxue, is one of Singapore’s most well-known bloggers and influencers. Her bold personality and outspoken views have earned her a loyal following. Wendy’s content spans beauty, fashion, and candid insights into her personal life, often infused with her unique sense of humour. She is unafraid to tackle controversial topics and share her honest opinions, which has garnered her both admirers and critics. Wendy’s influence extends beyond social media as she continues to shape conversations in the digital space.

5. Nicole Chang Min (@nicolechangmin) – 97.6K Followers

Nicole Chang Min (@nicolechangmin) - 97.6K Followers

Nicole Chang Min brings a unique blend of quirkiness and creativity to the local influencer scene. Nicole’s online presence spans across various platforms, including her entertaining TikTok account and her engaging YouTube channel. Known for her vibrant and eclectic mix of interests, Nicole shares everything from lifestyle tips and fashion advice to her adventures as a “paw-mom”.

6. Hazelle Teo (@heyhihazelle) – 119K Followers

Hazelle Teo (@heyhihazelle) - 119K Followers

Hazelle Teo, a popular radio DJ, brings her infectious energy and charisma to Instagram. Her posts often highlight her work in the media industry, her travels, and her personal adventures. Hazelle’s dynamic personality and engaging content make her a favourite among her followers. She shares glimpses of her life behind the scenes in radio, her interactions with celebrities, and her explorations around the world, providing a vibrant and entertaining feed.

7. Xenia Tan (@hotcheekylace) – 122K Followers

Xenia Tan (@hotcheekylace) - 122K Followers

Xenia Tan is a travel and lifestyle influencer whose vibrant and adventurous spirit shines through her content. Her stunning travel photos and insightful travel tips make her a go-to source for wanderlust inspiration. Xenia’s posts capture the beauty of various destinations. Her ability to convey the excitement and joy of exploring new places has earned her a dedicated following of travel enthusiasts.

8. Germaine Leonora (@germaineleonora) – 41.6K Followers

Germaine Leonora (@germaineleonora) - 41.6K Followers

Germaine Leonora is a radio DJ on 987FM with a remarkable talent for hosting. Her vibrant personality and engaging style make her a beloved figure on the airwaves. Beyond her work in radio, Germaine’s social media presence is equally impressive. She shares her passion for beauty, fashion, and travel with her followers, offering a glimpse into her glamorous and adventurous lifestyle.

9. Chow (@chowjiahui) – 89K Followers

Chow (@chowjiahui) - 89K Followers

Chow Jiahui is a digital content creator known for her engaging lifestyle content. From food and travel to fashion and beauty, her versatile posts appeal to a wide audience. Chow’s ability to capture the essence of various experiences and present them in an appealing way has made her a popular influencer. Her posts often feature her travel escapades and fashion insights, providing a comprehensive look at her multifaceted lifestyle.

10. Sherly (@lyzpopz) – 79K Followers

Sherly (@lyzpopz) - 79K Followers

Sherly, also known as Lyzpopz, is an actor, singer, and host with a flair for fashion and beauty. She was the 2nd runner up for “SPOP Wave!”, a Chinese singing reality competition show.


Whether you are a brand looking to expand into the local scene or an individual seeking lifestyle and fashion inspiration, these ten influencers will not disappoint with their engaging and diverse content.

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