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Developing Your Instagram Content Strategy in 2018

By September 16, 2018July 5th, 2024No Comments

How to develop instagram content ideas?

The best instagram content usually stems from a quality instagram content strategy. Instagram content is not easy at all! As much as the picture perfect contrasted images on instagram makes visual content creation look so easy, do not ever underestimate the real effort that’s placed into them. Let’s see.

Crafting content may be easy if you have time to plan, take, edit to perfection. However, if you are tasked to attract, make an impression of people’s feeds within less than 2 seconds, content creation can be real hard.

Personal touch

people holding shoulders sitting on wall

To win hearts and gain numbers, it is important to go from the heart. This soft personal touch in your captions or photos will allow your audience to connect with you. This link bridge between the both of you increases your value to advertisers. Moreover, these numbers is a form of recognition for your hard work.

Importance of effort

In this face paced industry, it is very easy to determine between a half-hearted content or one that places effort into drafting and creating. It is that important to make an impression at your first attempt.

Instagram – the social marketplace

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It must be rather hard to focus on your dream and making them work towards your goal. Imagine the process of content creation as an invitation to attract people to visit your profile. To attract, an appealing visual can be of a great help. Here’s some steps for you to prepare your profile for such visits, in order for you to connect with them right away.

Planning is essential

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We have placed much emphasis on planning. With a good plan, it is as though you can estimate when these profile visits will surge. Think through the style and image you wish to portray through your social media. You want to keep connecting with them, hence you need to give them what they like. Think it through, and find your best fit.

Show them the real you

Now that you have your rough idea, it is time to decide what kind of photos goes onto your feed. This is a very crucial step because it should be as straightforward as possible.

The importance of this step is to show the consistency of your social media identity, and this constant image will bring you closer to your audience as time passes. Also, having an online identity helps brands to connect with you more accurately, so as to maximise efficiency and benefits.

Select with your heart

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The quality of your content is as though your clothes. They are important in portraying a positive image of you. Ensuring this quality of selection will keep the consistency of your feed smooth. Visuals are powerfully engaging, where one bad photo remains on the feed and it destroys the previous effort you have placed into forming a relationship. It is also highly shareable so you wouldn’t want bad photos to be shared. So really, only select the best quality photos that represents you well.

Post it up!


The final step is really to press the post button. Take into consideration many other sensitive factors that may disconnect you with your audiences. As we said, visual content are powerful tools, and knowing your audience well may just bring you closer to success.