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From dance videos to lip-sync and comedic videos, there is a whole range of different content types on TikTok. The sheer diversity of content on TikTok is perhaps one of the main reasons that users are attracted to it.

Today, we will be touching on a specific category of content – the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos. While you may think that ASMR videos are an extremely niche category of content, there is actually a variety of ASMR videos on TikTok. From soothing ASMR videos to mukbang ASMR videos, you will be surprised by the amount of ASMR content that is available on TikTok. This article showcases 5 ASMR influencers who have been consistently producing quality content on TikTok.


ASMR Tiktokers: #1. @lindseyeatsla

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Firstly, we have @lindseyeatsla, who incorporates cooking into her ASMR videos.

Do you enjoy soothing ASMR videos? Are you Interested to learn how to cook? Well, @lindseyeatsla Tiktok account is perfect for you. After all, she creates ASMR videos of her cooking process.

From the crunchy sounds of cutting crisp french toast to the satisfying sounds of mixing one’s ingredients, @lindseyeatsla is an expert at compiling all the best ASMR sounds for a short and sweet Tiktok video.

Furthermore, her list of recipes appears to be neverending. She has prepared a variety of cuisines on her TikTok account – from fresh-cut french fries to appetising red pepper hummus, the list goes on.

While some ASMR influencers talk to their viewers in hushed tones, @lindseyeatsla prefers to let the ASMR sounds do the narrating. Thus, if you are someone who enjoys pure cooking ASMR videos, do check out @lindseyeatsla’s TikTok account.

ASMR Tiktokers: #2. @skincareryan

Secondly, we have @skincareryan, who as is apparent from his username, has a niche in skincare-related content on TikTok.

However, unlike other skincare influencers, @skincareryan often creates ASMR videos related to skincare.

You may wonder what kinds of ASMR sounds are prevalent in a beauty and skincare video. However, @skincareryan certainly proves that ASMR content can extremely diverse and unique. In the course of making homemade face masks, he records an ASMR video capturing the best soundbites involved in making the facemask. From the grinding of ingredients to the pouring of liquids, there is a good range of soothing sounds that are compiled in his videos.

If you enjoy ASMR videos and beauty-related content, @skincareryan is the account that you have to check out!

ASMR Tiktokers: #3. @Penny.slimes.satisfy

Thirdly, we have @penny.slimes.satisfy, which is a slime ASMR account on TikTok.

Anyone interested in slime would know the amount of satisfying ASMR videos that can be filmed with the different types of slime. Thus, there is a plethora of slime-related ASMR content on TikTok.

@penny.slimes.satisfy has close to 20 million likes and more than 800K followers on TikTok. As the name suggests, the account uploads all sorts of slime-related videos. If you quickly scroll through the TikTok account, you will find tons of ASMR videos recording the sounds of slime.

ASMR Tiktokers: #4. @Whisperingwillowasmr

Fourthly, we have @Whisperingwillowasmr, which is an ASMR account filled with whispering videos.

While ASMR videos can involve items like food and slime, it is also rather common for content creators to talk in hushed voices in ASMR videos. @Whisperingwillowasmr is an example of such an account.

With 1.5 million followers and more than 50 million likes on TikTok, @Whisperingwillowasmr has managed to produce soothing videos that captured the attention of many viewers on TikTok. If you are curious about how content creators talk in ASMR videos, @Whisperingwillowasmr is the account to check out.

ASMR Tiktokers: #5. @emilymariko

Lastly, we have @emilymariko, who is a content creator that has managed to incorporate ASMR into her daily videos.

While some of the influencers on this list have a specific category of ASMR videos that they tend to create, @emilymariko incorporates ASMR sounds into different types of videos.

For instance, in her supermarket run, you hear a diversity of sounds ranging from the sound created when picking up trolleys to the sounds of plastic food items crinkling. Additionally, not all of her videos involve ASMR sounds. Thus, if you are looking for a content creator who incorporates ASMR sounds into certain parts of the video, do check out @emilymariko.


In a nutshell, there is an exhilarating range of ASMR videos on TikTok to check out. Unfortunately, it is not possible to include every ASMR content creator on this list. However, we think that these 5 ASMR TikTokers are a great place to start off to discover more ASMR content.

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