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B2b influencer marketing strategy with examples

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Why Influencer Marketing for B2B

Influencer marketing for B2B might have been slower to catch on compared to B2C influencer marketing, but it has a value and use for B2B brands just as it does for consumer-focused companies.

Just because influencer marketing works for B2B and B2C companies doesn’t mean you should use the same tactics for one that you would with the other. If you’re hoping to use influencer marketing to reach a B2B audience, you’ll need to take a slightly different approach.

Influencer Marketing for B2B vs. Influencer Marketing for B2C

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How is B2B influencer marketing different from B2C influencer marketing brands? The two differ in a few substantial ways — and a few that are less substantial. As MarketingLand points out, the decision-making and buying process is considerably longer and more in-depth for a business than it is for a consumer.

If a consumer sees an influencer post about an inexpensive product, the consumer can quickly buy it, no questions asked. In this case there is no need for a lengthy review or listing of the pros and cons. In contrast, if a B2B buyer is considering a product purchase, they can’t take immediate action after seeing an influencer promote it. They usually need to consult with others at their company and conduct further research.

B2b influencer marketing results

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B2C influencer marketing often have an immediate result. B2B influencer marketing staretgy can take a few months before a brand notices an increase in sales or other positive changes as a result of an influencer marketing campaign.

Additionally, a B2C influencer is more likely to be spotted on image-centric platforms like Instagram or Snapchat, with Instagram being the most popular social media network for B2C influencers.

B2b Influencer Marketing Examples: Is Instagram critical for B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy?

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Around 36 percent of B2C brands think that Instagram is critical to their social media or influencer marketing strategy. Only 13 percent of B2B brands think the same.

Instead of asking a B2B influencer to post a quick Instagram photo about a product or service, it makes more sense for a brand to ask for something more detailed. A B2B influencer marketing campaign might involve comprehensive reviews of a product, interviews between an influencer and the manager or owner of a B2B brand.

B2b Influencer Marketing Results: Is It Worth?

If influencer marketing for B2B is a longer process compared to B2C, why should your brand bother with it? One thing for sure- B2B influencer marketing works. According to an infographic from LinkedIn, 66 percent of those who use the platform for marketing see positive results from it. The majority of B2B marketers – 94 percent — use LinkedIn as part of their marketing.

Trust is another reason influencer marketing for B2B is worth it for brands. According to research from Nielsen, the most trusted forms of advertising include recommendations from people others know and recommendations posted by other people online (such as the opinion of a B2B thought leader).

B2b influencer marketing strategy

1. Define your Goal

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It will be difficult to get started if you don’t know why your brand is using influencer marketing. Start thinking of what you want to achieve with your influencer marketing. Are you hoping to increase sales, or raise awareness for your brand? Having a clear goal in mind will shape the rest of your influencer campaign greatly!

2. Find your Influencers

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B2B influencers can come from a variety of places. Consider utilizing your company’s employees, connect with clients, or work with an outside influencer who believes in what you do and what you have to offer. Remember to find one that is closely related to your goal!

3. Contact and Partner with Influencers

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Expect to negotiate when connecting with influencers. Depends if your influencer is mega, micro or a celebrity, their channels may differ. Either an influencer marketing platform or influencer marketing agency may helps to streamline the process of connecting with influencers and negotiating pay rates.

4. Draft your Concept


What do you want the influencer to say, or what is the story you want an influencer to tell? Is the influencer creating blog posts or other content for the influencer marketing campaign? When people come into contact with the influencer content, what are the key marketing factors?

5. Go live and track results


Once the campaign goes live, influencer marketing isn’t finished just yet. Next, you want to pay attention to performance. Is anyone sharing social media posts about your influencers content? If so, then you’ve got some success. If not, it’s worth going back to the first step and re-evaluate your approach to influencer marketing.

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Dell has partnered with Walter Isaacson, the former CEO of CNN, for its podcast series Trailblazers. As a former journalist and noted biographer (he wrote Steve Jobs’ biography), Isaacson is an ideal figure to host the podcast series, which highlights innovations in various subjects and fields. Topics he covers range from the evolution of gambling to the development of the modern sneaker.