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Influencer Marketing: Make A Big Impact With A Small Budget

By September 30, 2018July 8th, 2024No Comments

Value of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing 2018 is so hot right now. , Influencer marketing growth is unstoppable, and if you are just getting started with influencer marketing… Here are a few ways you can keep your value of influencer marketing costs low with a big impact. 

Influencer marketing 2018: Start with your fans

Find those people with an affinity for your brand, take a look at your followers to see if there are any micro-influencers. Reach out to them and ask them to work with you! You will be amazed that as fans, they will likely be thrilled to work with you! In addition, do not think that this means the influencer won’t expect to be paid, they are, but at a reduced price.

Find the perfect influencer


Perfect neon signage mounted on wallThe second influential aspect affecting influencers’ rates is how well the campaign matched the influencer’s niche. When looking for influencers, pay close attention to the content they create. Find people who have posted about similar products that match your target customers. That is how you generate true value of influencer marketing.

Build strong working relationship with influencer marketing

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If you can maintain a good influencers working relationship, it certainly allows you more room to negotiate a lower upfront rate. Due to that, it could even cost you less in the long run, reducing the risk of paying an influencer without achieving the true value of influencer marketing

Focus on influencer marketing engagement


Be careful of fake followers and fake engagement on influencer marketing 2018 content. When you are evaluating influencers, fake engagement sticks out for real. The strongest indicator of an engaged, trusting audience is the comments. Evaluate the influencers to see if followers are asking questions, leaving comments or tagging other people! Never base an influencer’s value on the numbers of followers they have.