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How to stay successful with influencer marketing?

By September 1, 2018October 29th, 2019No Comments

Influencer marketing strategy

Having a plan usually means succeeding in half the plan. With influencer marketing being extremely saturated, what are some influencer marketing platform that you can leverage on? Here’s some influencer marketing examples for you to remain successful.

Define your goals to achieve ROI

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You always need a direction when it comes to planning. Start to define and track your goal(s) of influencer marketing. This way, you learn how an influencer can help you reach them by planning an influencer marketing strategy. Whether it’s to generate sales, grow brand awareness or something else, clearly define your goal(s) before starting your influencer marketing strategy.

Align your brand with the right influencers

What is the “right” influencer? More often than not, the right influencer is someone who:

  • Is responsible trustworthy
  • A avid fan of your brand/products
  • Not there for the free money
  • Has invested in your brand
  • Possess the right audience size with good instagram engagement. 
  • Creates quality content that connects with its audience
  • Style and character fits your brand presence

If you find someone who meets this list, they’ll make a good long-term brand ambassador for your business. 

Move away from one-time marketing and start building long term relationships

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One-off tactics mean you’re always having to find new influencers. That’s time, energy and money you don’t want to spend, and stress you don’t want to create. Think long-term instead. Find creative, authentic influencers you can trust and build a genuine relationship with—and keep them around for a while. Doing so will create a good relationship between you and the influencer(s), and ultimately between you and consumers. Learn more about the trends and what others are doing here.

Brand differentiation is important


With more brands planning to up their budget for influencer marketing, audiences may start to scroll away from influencer content. If your brand is going to be successful in 2018, you have to break through the noise. You have to find out how you and your influencers can deliver value and profitable results without losing authenticity.



People connect with people, and that explains the success of social media. Connecting influencers with a relatable face to your brand will promote a genuine connection with consumers. When you create a long-term relationship with the right influencers and execute an effective influencer strategy, your brand will get the customer loyalty and results you want in no time.