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In influencer marketing, we have always emphasised the need to pick the right influencer best fitted for your specific campaign. This means that rather than solely picking the most-followed influencer, you should pick niche-related influencers.

This means that an F&B business should approach a food influencer, and maternity brands should approach mum influencers. In today’s guide, we will talk about a specific niche of influencers, Muslim influencers.

Hence, whether you are interested in lifestyle, fashion, or Muslim-related information, these top Muslim influencers are worth following.

Muslim influencers: #1. Khalid Al Ameri – 2.6M followers

A content creator for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Khalid Al Ameri, with over 2.6 million followers on Instagram, shares light-hearted, entertaining videos with his family. Apart from Instagram, he also shares entertaining lifestyle videos and stories on displaced individuals all over the world, such as Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and Iraqis and Syrians in Erbil, on his YouTube channel, amassing over 2.3 million subscribers. He also runs his TikTok page, which shares similar posts to Instagram with over 5.3 million followers.

Muslim influencers: #2. Mustafa Ahmed – 372K followers

Muslim Influencers 2

Better known by his stage name, Mustafa the Poet, Mustafa Ahmed is a Sudanese-Canadian filmmaker, songwriter, singer, and poet who is currently based in Toronto, Canada. His works first gained national recognition in 2014 and have since then gained international recognition from various artists, such as Drake, Emilia Clarke, and the Jonas Brothers. With over 372K followers on Instagram, his stories and music have inspired many.

Muslim influencers: #3. Jae Deen – 261K followers

Muslim Influencers 3

Originally known as Joshua Asare, the Canadian-born Ghanaian rap artist is currently known as Jae Deen after converting to Islam in 2009. His Instagram profile, with over 260K followers, is filled with posts regarding various Islamic religious activities, daily life updates, and various charity work that he has been actively doing.

Apart from Instagram, he shares similar posts on TikTok with over 550K followers as well as his music albums on YouTube to more than 1.8K subscribers.

Muslim influencers: #4. Jamad Fiin – 1.2M followers

Muslim Influencers 4

A member of the Somalia women’s national basketball team, Jamad Fiin is the CEO and founder of Jamad basketball camp, a non-profit organisation to empower Muslim and Somali girls in the United States through basketball, teaching them how to be better individuals on and off the court. Since the start of her first taste of online fame, she has since amassed millions of followers, many of whom are from Muslim and Somali communities all over the world. She has even caught the attention of Drake, who follows her on Instagram.

Her Instagram feed is filled with basketball-related posts and daily life updates. Apart from Instagram, she is also active on TikTok and YouTube, garnering up to 2.1 million followers and 31.5K subscribers, respectively.

Muslim influencers: #5. Aysha Harun – 394K followers

Muslim Influencers 5

Aysha Harun is an Ethiopian-Canadian lifestyle and beauty content creator who is currently based in Los Angeles. Frequently posting on her Instagram feed about body positivity, diversity, and inclusivity, she covers a wide range of content styles, from wellness and health to lifestyle and fashion. She is well-known by her 394K followers as a voice for a largely underrepresented group of women as a woman of colour and wearing a hijab.

Apart from Instagram, she is also active on TikTok and YouTube, posting a range of similar-themed content for her 392.6K followers and 515K subscribers, respectively.


There you have it! Our list of top Muslim influencers. If you are a brand looking to target a specific group of Muslim audience or simply interested to know about Muslim influencers, then these are some great examples of related influencers to know of.

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