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Top Cute Pet Influencer To Follow If You Are An Animal LoverOver the years, social media has become the place and platform for many individuals to share their lives with the world. With those who have gained a massive following, we call them influencers or KOLs. However, it is not just humans that have benefited from social media.

All over the world, and even in Singapore, pet influencers have become a thing. Some are even so popular that they have amassed a pool of loyal followers who are eager to be a part of their daily adventures.

If you are an animal lover, then this list of some of the best pet influencers you should follow is definitely worth checking out.

1. Gigi The Munchkin

Gigi The Munchkin

With over 31.2K followers, Gigi is a munchkin cat, a breed that is known for their short legs. Its Instagram is filled with posts about it and its four other siblings, Gizmo, Nero, Lucille, and Olive, with Gigi being the second youngest. If you are a cat lover, then this Instagram page is to die for.

2. Cobee The Corgi

Cobee The Corgi

With over 62.9K followers, Cobee is a sable corgi, a breed that is also known for its short legs, stumpy tail, and an even cuter butt. It certainly is easy to note why Cobee is such a popular pet influencer. Its adorable smile and cute behaviours make it capable of melting even the hardest heart. Its Instagram feed is filled with its daily adventures, from meeting up with fellow corgi friends to exploring various parts of Singapore and its grooming days.

3. Marshall And Friends

Marshall And Friends

With over 26.1K followers, Marshall is a Holland lop, a breed that is known for their droopy long ears. Its Instagram is filled with posts about it and its four other siblings, consisting of three Holland lops and a Japanese spitz. The owner typically shares bits of the interactions between the four bunnies and the dog, as well as cute images of individual bunnies for those who love to see cute bunny images.

4. Imnotahamster


With over 57K followers, imnotahamster is a group of four guinea pigs, consisting of Ben, Brownie, Barley, and Bruce. In their Instagram feed, their followers are able to follow their journey from young. Their latest update shows the passing of Ben, Barley, and Brownie. While it is certainly sad, you can still catch a glimpse of them as their owner still posts images of them. Nevertheless, there is still Bruce to follow.


It is alright if all you did today was to look at these adorable animals on Instagram. Their silly, playful, furry, and lovely content surely gets us smiling at our phones, relieving our stress at the same time. Whether you are a pet brand looking to grow your influencer marketing strategy in Singapore or an individual pet lover looking to expand your following, do not hesitate to follow these pets on Instagram.

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