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Whether you are interested in investing or not, finance is an inevitable part of all our lives. From budgeting matters to building up our retirement savings, basic financial knowledge is extremely important.

How then do we improve on our financial knowledge? Well, going to financial talks and attending workshops are one common way. However, there is an easier way of learning from finance influencers on social media. Therefore, we have curated 7 finance influencers that share amazing financial tips to attain your financial goals.

Finance TikTokers: #1. Alexa Carlin

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Firstly, we have Alexa Carlin (@alexarosecarlin), who is a financial influencer with more than 160k followers and 1.6 million likes on TikTok.

Like many other content creators out there, Alexa’s fame on TikTok started during the onset of the global pandemic, where she started creating financial content on TikTok. If you are looking to start your own business, Alexa’s account is one that is created for you.

As an entrepreneur herself, she has a wealth of advice to give to other entrepreneurs. For instance, in one of her videos, she touches on topics like the tools she uses to market her business. She also has a range of advice videos, where she dishes out advice on how to improve the credibility and revenue of a business.

Even if you are not interested in entrepreneurship, Alexa’s account is still worth checking out as it has a range of great tips that would certainly help in one’s career. From practical tips that teach you how to get better with public speaking to advice on how to attain financial independence, she covered all bases of managing our personal finances.

Finance TikTokers: #2. Humphrey Yang

Secondly, we have Humphrey Yang (@humphreytalks), who is an influencer with 2.7 million followers and close to 40 million likes.

For those of you who are looking to get into investing, Humphrey’s account is one of the accounts you should look out for. From discussing like inflation and how we can avoid the curse of inflation, Humphrey touches on a range of personal finance topics.

However, apart from imparting valuable information, he has also proven to be quite creative when it comes to content creation. For instance, one of his most popular videos saw him representing Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos’ wealth with grains of rice. Additionally, he also has interesting ways to get his point across. This is clearly seen from the skits that he has done to impart important financial messages.

Finance TikTokers: #3. Brianna Parkins

Thirdly, we have Brianna Parkins (@briannaparkins), who is a TV reporter and a financial influencer on TikTok.

What is she best known for? Well, she is best associated with her ability to explain financial concepts and issues with cans. In fact, she has managed to explain Ireland’s housing crisis with cans of beer on her TikTok account.

She might be based in Ireland. However, the financial topics she has expounded on is applicable to audiences all over the globe. For instance, she recently uploaded a video explaining how bonds work. Of course, she has also touched on an array of interesting events in the stock market. From GameStop to the Davy bond scandal, keeping up with her account would certainly help with one’s current affairs knowledge.

Finance TikTokers: #4. Keyla Katz

Fourthly, we have Keyla Katz (@ikeyli), who is known for her interest in loans and credit agreements.

You might be wondering what is so interesting about credit and debit concepts. However, as seen by Keyla’s 248K followers and 1.8 million likes on TikTok, the topic of debts and how to avoid them has been very popular among TikTok users.

This comes as no surprise as most of us would enter into some sort of credit arrangement in our lifetime. Whether it is in the form of a housing loan or an education loan, credit arrangements are relevant for most people.

On her TikTok account, she shares tips on how to get good credit and how to avoid getting into unhealthy debts. However, apart from teaching her followers how to save money, she also has advice on how to manage our finances to grow our money. For instance, she has posted about how to recover debts owed – be it in the form of stocks, insurance refunds, or dividends.

Finance TikTokers: #5. Erin Elizabeth

Next up, we have Erin Elizabeth (@ecomera), who is an E-commerce expert on TikTok.

With 284K followers and 3.1 million likes, Erin is one of the most successful financial influencers out there.

Like many of us, Erin actually started out working in the corporate world at the young age of 20. Despite her success in the corporate scene, she eventually gave up her 9 to 5 to focus on her social media platforms.

If you are interested in marketing, Erin’s account is one to check out. Her wealth of experience in running large E-commerce stores are invaluable and thanks to TikTok, we get an insight into such an experience.


Finance TikTokers: #6. Taylor Price

Moving on, we have Taylor Price (@pricelesstay), who is a Gen Z that has been dishing out some great financial advice to fellow Gen Zs on TikTok.

From Amazon shopping hacks to tips on cryptocurrencies, Taylor has proved that diverse content creation is possible on TikTok.

Despite only being 21, Taylor has attained a great understanding of money matters. As a finance undergraduate, she very generously shares her expertise with her followers on TikTok. For instance, she recently talked about the Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as such tokens have seen a large increase in popularity.

Finance TikTokers: #7. Seedly

Lastly, we have Seedly, a finance guide founded in Singapore. Seedly might not be like the other influencers on this list. However, the content that it creates is certainly not inferior in comparison to the financial content created by other financial influencers.

On its TikTok account, you can expect the general financial topics that range from stocks to career advice. However, some of their content also have a lifestyle slant. For instance, one of the recent videos provides options on how to use one’s Rediscover voucher. Other lifestyle content include whether a cable subscription is financially sound.

Therefore, even if you have absolutely no interest in investing, Seedly’s content is great for general knowledge.


Finance might seem difficult with its wide array of charts, numbers and information. However, with these 7 financial influencers, understanding how to best work our money has never been made so easy!

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