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7 Things You Should Know About TikTok in 2024

TikTok, launched in 2016, has become a sensation with impressive numbers like 3 billion downloads and 50 million daily users, thanks to continuous TikTok updates. The platform thrives on creativity, allowing users to showcase their talents through short-form videos – ideal for captivating TikTok content. Recently hitting 1 billion active users globally, TikTok new features caters to a diverse audience. While 24% are women aged 18-24, 18% are men in the same range, and 31% fall between 25-34. Marketers need to understand not only who uses TikTok but also how to get on FYP (For You Page) and engage with targeted audiences. 

Beyond being a platform for short videos, TikTok content can serve both as entertainment and education for diverse connections and discussions. Hence for Gen Z, it’s similar to a personalized search engine, with almost 40% preferring it for information over Google. Most TikTok users, 78%, seek funny or entertaining TikTok content, and 35.1% use TikTok to explore or learn about brands. That is why knowing how to get on FYP can emphasize TikTok new features significance for brands looking to create engaging TikTok content.

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Dive Into TikTok’s Evolution

As TikTok continues to evolve, recent updates have further enriched the user experience, introducing TikTok new features that encourage active participation and engagement, including elements designed to enhance your chances of getting on TikTok FYP. From interactive elements in in-feed ads to exclusive live streams for subscribers and innovative video playback controls, TikTok remains at the forefront of captivating its global user base. These new features not only reinforce its appeal but also provide valuable tools to increase its visibility on the platform. Here are some TikTok new features, highlighting the latest enhancements and functionalities for users to explore, enjoy, and enhance their strategies for how to get on TikTok FYP.

1. TikTok’s New Feed Customization Tool

TikTok just added a cool tool called “Customize Feed.” Now, users can tell TikTok what stuff they want more or less of in their main feed. You can type in requests like “show me more from people I follow” or “show me less of this type of video.” Furthermore, you can even ask for different content for a specific time. This makes it easier for users to say what they like without just relying on how they interact with videos. 

2. Extended Video Length on TikTok

Guess what? Now, you can post videos on TikTok that are up to 15 minutes long! That’s a big change from the original limit of 15 seconds. TikTok has been increasing the time you can record for a while – first 60 seconds, then 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes in 2022. We’ll have to see if users like this new 15-minute maximum, especially since TikTok is known for short videos. These features can help you create better content if you’re still wondering how to get on FYP.

3. TikTok’s “Out of Phone” Feature

TikTok has a new thing called “Out of Phone.” It takes TikTok content out of the app and puts it in the real world. There are three parts to it: Billboards, Cinema, and Other Screens. Billboards put TikTok campaigns on real billboards, and Cinema shows TikTok-like ads in movie theatres. Other Screens let bars, airports, and stores share TikTok content. This way, TikTok is bringing its cool content to screens all over the place.

TikTok Content, TikTok new features, how to get on Tiktok FYP

4. Better Metrics for TikTok Advertisers

TikTok is helping advertisers understand how their ads work. They’ve added new ways to measure if TikTok ads make people download apps or buy things. One way is the Self-Attributing Network (SAN), showing how TikTok ads lead to conversions. Another is Engaged View-Through Attribution, which measures if people buy things after watching a video ad for over 6 seconds. These new measures help advertisers see how TikTok ads affect what people do.

5. Unified Events API for TikTok Advertisers

Now, TikTok has made it easier for advertisers to share data from different sources. They introduced a single Events API for web, app, and offline data. Before, each source needed its own integration, but now, advertisers only have to do it once. This helps them use online and offline info to make TikTok ads work better, especially as the digital advertising world is moving away from cookies.

6. Holiday Creator Cards by TikTok

TikTok has special Creator Cards just for the holidays to help brands create fun content. There are five types: Community cards for audience chats, Edutainment cards for creative product showcasing, Creator Tools cards for getting more views, Trends cards for timely memes, and Storytelling cards for building connections. These cards aim to assist brands in making videos that fit the holiday season and connect with TikTok users. This feature can help other users learn from creators about how to get on TikTok FYP, especially during the holiday season.

7. Mobile Effect Creation on TikTok

TikTok now has a tool where creators can make effects right in the app. Therefore, there is no need for other apps or tools. With the in-app mobile effect editor, creators worldwide can access special effects, templates, and over 2,000 assets to make cool effects. This and Effect House for computer creation gives TikTok creators everything they need to shape trends with new effects.

All in all, TikTok’s dedication to improving interaction and user satisfaction is proven in its recent upgrades. With ongoing innovations, users can anticipate a platform that continuously introduces new functionalities. This ensures an increasingly immersive, interactive, and delightful experience. If you want to improve your social media performance including TikTok, book a brief consultation with us here.