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Facebook Advertising

By September 8, 2017October 17th, 2019No Comments

Facebook advertising

There are three important tools introduced by Facebook which can be used by Facebook users. Each of the tools has purpose and function. It can be combined together to reach your audience via Facebook Marketing.

How to advertise on Facebook

The first tool is the Facebook page. This is somehow similar to a normal profile but this is specially designed for organizations, public figures, and other businesses. The second one is the Facebook Ad, which can give you the chance to have incredible advertising platforms wherein you can create ads for your audience of all ages, educations and even in different types of device. The last one is the Facebook Group. It is the same with discussion forums which has profiles and features in it.

Why Facebook Advertising?

One of the reason why a lot of people advertise on Facebook is that it does not only give you sales but also provide a great help in building a good relationship with your market. It is also an effective way to retarget your customers. As of now, millions of people like and share something on Facebook all over the world.

Target the right audience and max ROI 

Through Facebook, you can reach out some of your target audience which will eventually may generate sales. Remember that placing a generic ad will only waste your money and resources. To target the right audience, you need to use the right tools. Make sure to use them in a right way for you to reach your goal.

Different targeting factors


To reach out to your client, you have consider the location. Facebook uses important data, which it collects every single day to provide you with exact location. For different users out there, it may be confusing on their part to know that the social media collects personal data. This is because it has been well-improved and people can be targeted by their relationship status. For example, married, divorced, single, complicated etc.


Before, interests was one of the options in the Facebook ad creation. It is a tool that helps advertisers equally segment some of their audience. It also becomes a powerful marketing technique. Interests include pages liked and activities.


Another targeting factor is behavior. Behavior targeting is the result of activities online and is proven to be effective at building conversations.

Monitor Ads

For many years, Facebook provides the users monitoring tools. This one of a kind tool measures clicks through rates and cost per click. From building brand awareness to boosting the number of your customers, everything will be possible.

Facebook is not only about instant sales but also about relationship building. It is something that will help you gain trust among your customers. Engaging your potential clients measures conversions by likes or comments. The more targeted audience that you are going to build, the higher the CTR.

In conclusion, Facebook is indeed the best advertising platform that allows to look for the type of a personal or group that you are looking for. You can easily target them by means, location, interests and behavior.