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What Instagram means to businesses

By September 11, 2017August 8th, 2019No Comments

How Instagram impacts Businesses

How business can use Instagram to reach larger audiences

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Half of Instagram users follow businesses on Instagram. Not only that, more than half of the users look for new products through the social media platform. That’s why it is one of the top business tools today.

New Media Vs Traditional Media

The internet has changed how businesses do their marketing campaigns. Everyone is on social media today, and it is the best way to reach consumers. The best thing about new media is that they can be accessed anywhere. Most consumers own at least one mobile device, and they use it to access social media networks, such as Instagram.

Times are changing, and it is important for marketers to adopt new ways to reach out to consumers. Target audience is more likely to respond to an ad that’s personalised to them, instead of a generic radio or TV ad. People are also moving away from traditional mediums. Consumers spend more time on their smartphones, instead of being in front of their TV sets.

Instagram allows businesses to have a different profile for promotion and marketing purposes. Business profiles on Instagram provide a lot of benefits to businesses. There’s no reason why you should not switch to one today.

Potential customers can easily contact the business through the Contact button in the profile. Not only that, businesses gain access to Insight, which can help owners determine who their followers are, what they like, how to engage with them, and when they are active.


While Instagram for Businesses doesn’t have as many metrics and graphs as the Facebook Page, but it does provide useful lists that will help business owners understand their followers. Some of the metrics include impressions, popular posts, post reach, demographics, and the times of the day and days of the week most of the followers are active and online.

Through analytics, business owners are able to discover what content works, and the right time to post them. For maximum engagement with followers, business owners must post regularly and at the right time.

Permanent Contact Button

One of the features that make Instagram one of the best business tools today is the contact button in the profile. The button makes up for not allowing users to include email addresses or links in the captions.

When users click on the Contact button, they can choose to email, call or find the location on the map. The action depends on what type of contact information the business owner chooses to share.

Instagram Ads

Instagram makes a lot of money from its ad revenue. With a business account, owners can run their ads through the social platform. There’s no need to log into Facebook to use the Ad Manager. Businesses in Instagram gain access to a Promote button that appears below the photos. By clicking the button, you can choose a Call to Action button, time frames for the ad, and the budget.

Among the business tools today, Instagram stands out because it attracts millions of users daily. Businesses should consider using the social media platform for their online marketing campaigns in order to gain more leads and foster more loyal followers.