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This post will help business minds like you to explore how you can increase engagement by maximizing outreach on Instagram. This article will answer your question on “How can businesses increase their engagement on Instagram?”

The establishment of your company’s Instagram page amplifies the conviction you have of images attracting your brand’s followers. After all, our brain disseminates 90% of information visually and is engineered to prefer images more than an aggressive selling strategy.

Ways to Increase Engagement

Building on this non hard selling approach that is enticing about the Instagram’s social culture, we will look at what makes an Instagram post so engaging. First of all, ingeniously taken professional photos, coupled with bright scheme colours, permit that extra alluring factor that increases likes by 24%

Additionally, shared experiences through the use of images were able to captivate followers more. This allowed followers to better relate to the experiences shared in the posts. This is also a more genuine and authentic approach. Instagram influencers can achieve this outstandingly, as we will see from the case of Zafferano.

Singapore-based restaurant, Zafferano, invited influencers to understand its dining experience in hopes of increasing its online presence. The influencers has the chance to enjoy Italian meal and amazing city view before posting on their social media accounts. By involving 11 influencers in the span of 10 days with 33 posts, this campaign had converted to more than 65,000 outreach. Additionally, it garnered more than 8,500 likes and 280 comments on Instagram.

What a worthwhile investment created from this authentic experience and credible story shared!

A succinct and to-the-point caption provides a more impactful attention-grabbing effect than a long-winded description which loses its grip on readers quickly, given the tendency of us millennials just scrolling on our newsfeed. Engagement with readers, and conversion to dedicated fans would also surge when the Instagram influencers diligently respond to their comments and build a constant rapport with their followers.

The power of #Hashtag

 Hashtags help to increase viewers outreach to an even wider community of Instagram users with a higher likelihood for discoverability. They also raise the shelf-life of Instagram posts provided hashtags are specific and interesting enough. However, excessive use of hashtags could potentially result in a decline in engagement rate. A rule of thumb is to avoid using more than 5 hashtags.

An example of a company who has used this strategy well is KitKat.  To garner public’s attention, hashtags such as “#HaveaBreak” and “Have a KitKat” were exclusively created. Hence, your brand too, could adopt the use of keywords that best describes your company. It is said that 78% of consumers were persuaded by a brand’s social media which resulted in a purchase. From this, you can see that when more Instagram users are sharing and complementing your brand, the better your sales!



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