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Influencer Marketing 2019

Nowadays people talk too much on how influencer marketing can help you improve your digital marketing strategy but will rarely talk about how they are to be implemented.

Many companies have hired social media influencers to attract the attention of customers. However, even if influencer marketing campaigns means a plus to your business in terms of marketing, not all works best. In this article, we share some amazing types of influencer marketing strategies you can start testing out for your business.

However, before we look at influencer marketing campaigns, we would like to let you know some of the benefits you get once you embark on using influencers for your business.

Firstly, Influencer marketing increases awareness of the company brand. Increase in awareness in return brings more customers and audience for the business.

Secondly, Influencer marketing campaigns help in raising the SEO of your business.

Below are 9 types of influencer marketing strategies that you can consider when implementing an influencer marketing campaign.

  1. Social media mentions

Firstly, we have social media mentions. Social media campaigns have an extreme ability to take part in the digital conversation about your brand and services. Such conversations especially those that are positive end up transforming the perception of customers towards your business.

Even though social media influence is short-lived, it has an instant ability to amass considerable customers to your business in a short time. This translates to a benefit in terms of product awareness. When influencers mention a company (either through tagging in pictures or captions), attention is being brought to the tagged brand’s name.


  1. Use of sponsored blog Posts

Blogs nowadays are the most trusted sources of online information. Companies are therefore looking for influential bloggers and putting their trust on them to market their products. Therefore, if you want to market your brand using a sponsored blog, you can hire a well known blogger to write something about your brand.


  1. Use of long-term Ambassadors

Such influencers act as the face that sells a company product and services.

Using long term ambassadors helps strengthen the association of these influencers with a brand, this is because they are often seen with the brand’s products/ engaging in the brands services.

Nike, for example, uses Lionel Messi, who is a Barcelona football player as their brand ambassador.

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  1. Use of Reviews

Influencer reviews — it revolves around giving your product to an influencer who has never used it before. If an influencer likes the product, he or she might post a review of it online.

A good example is the ‘unboxing videos’ on YouTube. Jacques Slade is seen on a camera unboxing a media kit that was sent to him by Jordan Brand and then giving his reviews. Reviews benefit the manufacturer in learning if their products are up to standard and also inform companies about areas they can improve in.


  1. Social Takeovers’

This tactic involves the influencer appearing on your website rather than your products appearing on his website. The influencer creates content and posts them on your website. Along with the video, the influencer talks about your products and their benefits.

This arrangement can last for a day or a week depending on the prior agreement made. Social takeovers benefit a business by raising the search ranking of your website. This is because influencers often bring along followers who are interested in keeping up with influencers.

A brand that has used influencer takeovers as part of their marketing strategy would be VivoCity. VivoCity had invited influencers to take over their Instagram story as part of their promotion plan of their B1 extension.


  1. Marketing Affiliate

In affiliate marketing, the owner of the company collaborates with the influencer in brand marketing. The influencer can promote the product on his site or direct the internet users to the brand’s website. For each successful product sold from this arrangement, he or she receives a commission from the sale.


  1. Product content Collaboration

This strategy involves the use of influencers to co-create products and content. This works best in beauty and fashion entities. Influencers work together with brands to develop their style of clothing, beauty products etc.

This marketing tool works in two ways. Firstly, in a bid to support their favorite influencers, internet users might purchase the product, improving sales revenue of your company. Secondly, such collaboration can help improve brand awareness.

An example of a company that uses this influencer marketing strategy is the Morphe who has collaborated with Jacklyn Hill, releasing makeup products like eye-shadow palettes. The collaboration not only helped in sales, but also brought Morphe’s name out to a wider community on social media.


  1. Use of Giveaways

Hosting giveaways provide a high guarantee to business growth through social actions like shares, retweets, likes, and comments. Giveaways impacts positively on a product by creating more awareness.

Take the example of PopSockets, who have included giveaways in their influencer marketing campaigns. By getting users to tag others in the comment section of Instagram to enter the giveaway, PopSockets effectively increased the number of people exposed to their brand’s postings.




  1. Events

Lastly, most brands make it a habit to host events and invite influencers to attend them. They instruct the influencer to promote the event on their blog post. Typically, influencers share posts before the event, during and after the event.

Take the example of Circles Life, the telco which offers Singapore’s first no contract data plan. To gain recognition in the local market, Circles Life has held a live vending machine event. Influencers were invited to partake in this event, with many of them uploading their experience online. Some of them even left Instagram stories on their highlights which allows them to be viewed even after the event has ended.

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In a nutshell, the above are some of the many influencer marketing campaigns you can use at any time. However, it’s good to note that each comes with Pros and Cons. Our advice would be to mix it up, use a few different types of marketing strategies. To add on, brands should also consider their end goal when making such a decision.

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