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Kobe Raw – @darylaiden

How is life like being an influencer? In this issue of “Kobe Raw”, we will be hearing from Daryl Aiden. There will be some tips as well for those that aspire to be an Influencer in the future, a headstart for you.

Q1) Can you share with us how you started your journey as an Influencer

I’m sure many have given this answer, but it was something that just happened. I owned an online business with my best friend, and through it, I found my passion for photography. And through photography, I managed to gather a small following on Instagram which led me to where I am today.

Q2) If you could change one thing about your journey as an influencer, what would it be?

To not take anything for granted.

Q3) Do you face any challenges being an Influencer?

I definitely do. I feel that with the increasing number of influencers, most of the content creators are all feeling the same pressure to churn out better and more interesting content to “stand out”. But when the pressure gets too much, it can sometimes be challenging to keep my mind in check and to recall that genuine passion that got me started in the first place. It wasn’t to impress or compete with anyone, but just creating what’s quality to me.

Q4) what is one thing you feel could be improved when working with brands?

For brands to have more trust in the content creator/influencer and to be more open to suggestions 🙂

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