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Kobe Raw – Interview with @pxdkitty

By April 1, 2019October 31st, 2019No Comments

Kobe Raw – @pxdkitty

Ever dream of being an influencer? In this issue of “Kobe Raw”, we will be hearing from Rachell on how life is like being an Influencer. There will be some tips as well for those that want to be an Influencer in the future.

Q1) Can you share with us how you started your journey as an Influencer

It all started out when blog shops were the in thing, and everyone had a blog shop and was selling clothes online (myself included). And then slowly I received quite a number of comments and emails asking for advice on how to match the apparels I was selling, different ways to style a certain clothing, and I thought having a blog would be a good platform for me to answer their questions, and share about other accessories and things I liked. Eventually, it became a personal blog where I would also post food-related tutorials, my travels etc.

Q2) What 3 things does anyone starting in your industry need to know

  1. It’s important to have a passion for content creation, because not everything you put out on the Internet is going to be widely loved by everyone, and it won’t always be rewarding. So hang in there and don’t give up doing what you like!
  2. Don’t buy unnecessary equipment unless you really need them and will use them often! A few years ago I impulsively bought a few camera lenses which to date is just collecting dust in my room because in the end I just stuck to one
  3. When the going gets tough, always go back to the starting point and ask yourself why you started this in the first place, and keep going

Q3) Do you face any challenges being an Influencer?

Some people don’t deem this as a proper job and think that influencers are just people who aren’t real models but pretend to be one.
We’re usually given little credit for the content we put up, be it the countless recipes we tried and tested before the final one that is published online, the filming, editing process or the tediousness of adding in subtitles. we’re often a small team or just a one-man show handling everything from the start till the end, but people are so quick to hit the dislike button sometimes

Q4) What advice would you give your younger self when you were first starting out?

My younger self was more bad-tempered online, and would often subtweet people I didn’t like, or get involved in heated quarrels online. So I’d just like to tell my younger self.
“Don’t worry and don’t be affected by the people who don’t like you, just do you. If everyone likes you, you’re probably being fake ”

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