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Which Influencer should I work with for the best results?

‘How should I decide on which influencers to work with’ is one of the most common questions we get. Well, the disappointing answer is that there is no set rule/definition. That being said, the most fundamental step when it comes to selection of influencers would be to understand the respective pros and cons of each influencer category.

We start off with a quick introduction of influencer marketing. It is the use of influencers to market a brand/product on social media. Influencers refer to online personas that have the ability to shape the perceptions or influence the decisions of others.

Influencer Marketing might be a relatively new industry. However, it is still constantly evolving, with new terms and concepts emerging as time goes by. Just a few years ago, the industry warmed up to the term micro influencers, today terms like nano influencers (even smaller influencers) are cropping up.

This infographic hopes to shine light on the differences between macro and micro influencers. So as to educate brands to make better decisions in their future influencer marketing endeavours, by introducing the key differences and the respective benefits of each category of influencers.

Macro influencers & Micro Influencers

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To sum it up 

In conclusion, influencer marketing is not as direct as getting any influencer or popular persona online to pose with your brand. Instead, it requires strategic planning and decision making for the most impactful influencer marketing campaign. The most fundamental step would be the choosing of your best fit influencers.

Our advice would be to understand the varying benefits of the different categories of influencers to make a good choice.


If your brand is looking towards brand awareness, a macro influencer might be more ideal. (due to their higher reach). If you brand is looking to build relationships with your customer base, micro influencers might be preferred. (higher engagement)

If you would like a more in depth view of the broad categories on influencers, do read this article that elaborates on the pros and cons of using each type of influencers.