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Why Influencer Marketing 2018 Contract is Essential for Your Business

By November 9, 2018October 30th, 2019No Comments

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Important Influencer marketing 2018 tips for influencer marketing strategy with influencer marketing examples in a perfect world. But the world isn’t perfect and disputes can take place. To avoid an endless back and forth, it’s common practice for businesses to create written agreements at the onset. An influencer marketing contract clearly spells out the relationship, what’s expected of each party, and what happens should one side break the terms of the agreement.

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What Should an Influencer Marketing Contract Include?

It’s important an influencer marketing contract puts all terms in writing. It is much harder to prove the terms of a verbal contract unless you decided to record the agreement.

Other elements an influencer marketing contract should include are:


Influencer name/contact information

You want to make sure you’re making an agreement with the right person.


Description of the work

What does your brand expect the influencer to produce? What is the review process of the work? Do you plan on giving your influencers plenty of leeway when it comes to creating content?  Anything having to do with the content your influencer will create needs to be clearly described in the contract.


Amount of work

How much work do you expect the influencer to produce? For example, are you looking for a post every day, every week, once a month?  Include a clear description of expectations for work volume as well as deadlines and due dates. Also, include a description of what will happen if an influencer produces less work than agreed to or if that person is regularly late in submitting assignments.


Payment terms

How much will you pay your influencers? Will you pay a flat rate or based on content performance? When are payments made and how do you make them (direct deposit, PayPal, etc.)?



Include the start date of the agreement and an end date, if applicable. If the contract renews automatically, include that information as well.


Ownership of the work

Once the influencer creates the content for your brand, who owns it? Do you get full ownership or do rights to the content revert to the influencer after a certain period?