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7 Influencer Categories To Consider

By December 27, 2018July 4th, 2024No Comments

Influencer Categories

Unsure of which influencer category to start off in?

There are many types of Influencer categories in this Influencer marketing industry and for influencers that just started to hop into this career path, it might be confusing as to which one suits you more.

Thus, this article will help you make your decision based on some factors that we have collected from each influencer categories.

We will list out the influencer categories that are deemed as more mainstream and general from what we have seen throughout the years. There are namely 7 main categories that influencers usually enroll into for their career as an influencer.


1. Beauty


What are beauty Influencers?

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Beauty Influencers are the ones that loves to pamper their skin with skincare products and makeups to boost their appearance in the front of public. They have their own style and brands that they love using throughout their career while at the same time learning the new trends of techniques to help their followers out. Creating their new inspired looks and making tutorials to help people recreate them, some even have their own makeup line!

Not only products, services are at the middle of their palms as well! Additionally, beauty influencers also shares services from facial clinics to relaxation spa are pretty common in this line of categories as well.

If you are someone who totally loves the idea of sharing tips and tricks about beauty, this category is definitely one for you.

Picture credits to: @mongabong

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2. Lifestyle

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What are Lifestyle Influencers?

You might be confused with the word ‘Lifestyle Influencers’ as it does not seem like they fit anywhere as a category by itself and it is partially right.

Lifestyle Influencers are influencers that are able to fit in to many categories all at once and create a lifestyle influence of their own.

Lifestyle Influencers are people that usually spreads positive way of life and cheerful vibes to their followers. Their Instagram are constantly updated with what is happening in their life and are always happy to help their followers out with their sharing. They can be sharing out their favourite spot for meeting up with friends on Monday and sharing about their favourite piece of clothing from a certain brand the next day.

These influencers usually also portrays a carefree image to their followers and if you are someone like this, you are certainly up to be one.


Picture credits to: @TypicalBen


3. Travel

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What are Travel Influencers?

Altogether, these bunch of fun influencers are usually adventurous and they love to explore many places out of their own comfort zone. Sharing with their followers every precious memories from their trips and gives them real time updates of their trips are part of their day.

Sometimes, they would even share some tips and tricks on how they pack their luggage and what their followers should take note of when travelling. Their photos are usually inspired by beautiful places of attractions and sometimes rural places as well.

Hence if you love to travel, you can consider being a Travel Influencer!

Picture Credits to: @amebeverly


4. Fashion

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What are Fashion Influencers?

Does wearing a certain piece of clothing makes you feel confident and beautiful? Or are you catching up with the latest trends of style?

Generally, Fashion Influencers on Instagram are very generous with showing off their favorite pieces of clothing with their followers and sharing with them where they can get it. They are the ones that will be updating their followers with the latest trends and how they can pair up different styles with for different occasions.

So, if you love fashion and showing off your own sense of style, this might be the best suit for you!


Photo Credits to: @xinlinnn


5. Fitness

What are Fitness Influencers?

Keeping fit, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle is what Fitness Influencers are best at. For the most part, these influencers would usually be snapping photos and videos to show their process of exercising while at the same time promoting a healthy way of living to their followers.

You can literally find out from them the best way of losing weight or the best recommendation of protein food for your balance of nutrition. Not only that, they will also be open to share with you their tips and tricks of how you can keep fit.

Besides, if sharing your fitness passion is what you like, this will surely be your type of route!

Photo Credits to: @kerstinong


6. Parent

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What are Parent Influencers?

As the word ‘Parent’ it is a very literal category, it means that you have to be a parent or a parent-to-be yourself to be a Parent Influencer. These Influencers usually are very open to sharing their parenthood to their followers, and advices to help the parent community.

For example, their struggles with getting their children to sit down and eat food or sharing what product works best for their children. These recommendations usually helps their followers to choose wisely for their own children. Furthermore, Parent Influencers are usually very down to earth and very raw with what they expresses out on their social media platforms as they loves to share the real side of how being a parent is like. On a side note, all of their kids are very very adorable too!

So, if you are a parent or a parent-to-be, you can definitely take this category into consideration!


Picture credits to: @bongqiuqiu

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7. Food

What are Food Influencers?

In fact, there are two main types of Food Influencers. The first type are people who take videos or pictures of photo to make it look ascetically pleasing and delicious, usually without showing their face. On the other hand, another type are people who video themselves eating food to show how good the food tasted.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that make them food influencers and that is their love for food.

Food Influencers have their trusty camera or phone with them and are always on their radar to explore new kinds of food, and sometimes exotic ones. Generally, their followers follow them based on their food recommendations and they get the latest update of new stores opening. Scrolling through their Social Media profiles will definitely make you salivate.

Therefore, if you are someone who loves food and have a great taste bud this might be the best option for you!


Picture credits to: @decipherkieffer

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All in all, the best advice as to what influencer categories you should pursue is ultimately based on your own liking and passion. As in the long run, you will only be motivated with the fact that you are passionate about that category you have chosen.

In short, “Life is too short to do what you don’t like!”.