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The Effect Of Influencer Marketing On Consumers

By January 6, 2019July 9th, 2024No Comments

Influencer Marketing Delivers Significant ROI for Marketers

Influencer marketing 2018 is over with amazing influencer marketing results! Here’s some influencer marketing facts that will throw you off… While it’s not easy to do well, without question influencer marketing can deliver significant ROI for marketers. People trust the people they trust, and when people they trust tell them to go, do, see, check out, or buy something, often they will. For brands, getting that kind of response is much more difficult than it is for influencers. 

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Influencer marketing 2018: What’s the difference among influencers?

Do you know the difference between micro influencers with a targeted niche of followers/community with influencers with inflated follower rates and inflated fees? It is important to differentiate to pay one who really delivers significant influencer marketing results.

Finding the right influencers

It’s important to find the right one to develop a campaign thats audience friendly. Thus, soliciting feedback from influencers and integrating their suggestions into your campaigns is key. Measuring and adjusting campaigns along the way with results are success factors of influencer marketing campaigns.

Even though ROI from influencer marketing can be challenging, when it works, it’s amazing.


Reviews Drive Sales, And Influencers Drive Reviews

Customers read reviews before making purchases. All the time. In fact, over a third of consumers report relying on reviews before making a purchase. Consumers search influencer marketing results and read reviews on Google, blogs etc. Such practice is believed to prevent mistaken purchases, as you have prior knowledge.

Value of working with suitable influencers

Getting them to review your products is especially valuable to brands. Consumer groups are compelled to purchase because of something they’ve seen, read, or heard from an influencer they trust. The impact of influencer marketing on consumers is pretty impressive, no?

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In conclusion,

When you can work with the right influencers, with the right audience, magic can happen.