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How to Find the Right Influencer for Your Brand

By May 2, 2018October 18th, 2019No Comments

Influencer marketing

A long time ago when celebriting endorsements were the hot picks for brands to sell their broducts. But today, these “celebrities” are taken over by some social media influencers in the advertisement industry. Now, tapping into the right set of influencers can allow brands to connect with a great masses of people. The success of influencer marketing is slowly eroding traditional concepts. More e-commerce firms without a physical store are also turning to millions of influencers to drive growth.

Even with so many brands already on social media, many may still find it challnging to finding the right influencer fit. Here is how some experts think are important for you in finding your perfect influencer partner.

Analyze Influencer Engagement Rate:
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While many marketers look at the number of followers to select an influencer, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is always so easy to find the top influencers. It is true that they will yield you high followers, but the “right” one may require more effort. The very power of social media is that every user has the ability to influence. We already know how saturated this industry is  with thousands of dedicated content creators everyday with unique individual abilities, engagement rates and follower demographics.

What to look at?

To find the perfect influencer, you need more scientific data. To identify influencer engagement, you can consider a few key data points like, age, gender, geography, hashtags, keywords, ROI. Thereafter, you can start separating them into various categories ranging from lifestyle, fashion, food, travel or anything relevant.

This filter may sound really tedious but it helps in selecting influencers that are relevant.  only You always want the best for your buck isn’t it?

Even with influencers fitting into the right scope, there will be many in different forms and sizes.

You can consider working with an influencer marketing agency to launch your campaigns where they possess the expertise to help your brand pair withrelevant influencers & reviewers based on their past activity, engagement, and audience.

For example, some brands is suitable in pairing up with micro-influencers. Micro influencers engaged have higher probability to to create clutter-breaking chatter on social media which further leads their fans to the e-commerce sites. Their engagement may be higher as they are able to connect with their influencers on a more personal level.

Influencers segmentation
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Every influencer have their own specialty, it’s important to understand which segment the one you want belongs in. To get the best value, there is no point investing in someone which will target the wrong audience. You will yield no results in the end, anyway. Expertise in shortlisting the most relevant influencers for each brand is important.

Measure the reach
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Secondly, it is necessary to measure the reach by analyzing the audience engagement. The difference between quality and quantity is very different when you choose to work with influencers.

Choose a side: Quantity or quality?

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Finding the right influencer for your e-commerce brand may not be as easy as it sounds. It’s not about narrowing down of an influencer only on the basis of their popularity, there are a number of factors one needs to look at, to get the right kind of results you want. The brand and influencer should share a similar vibe where the online personality should be relatable to the brand by target audiences. In conclusion, you select quantity or quality to what your brand campaign requires. One general rule is to always select quality over quantity for the best results.