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Hacking Tips To Grow Social Media Awareness For Your Brand

By April 29, 2018July 5th, 2024No Comments

How to grow awareness on social media?

We all know that social media is the way to go if you want to start connecting with your target customers. To increase the numbers on your platforms means that your content are now connected to more users, increasing the chances of people heading towards your website/landing page.

Gone are those days where people use to generate traffic from social media. Brand new social media algorithms are configured so well that individual’s feeds are customised to their favourites. People only see what they want. And here comes paid advertisements, where you put in money to achieve what you want.

Brands and social media
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Brands aiming to reach more customers and increase awareness on social media is possible with these hacks we will be sharing.

If you are thinking of investing more money to witness success or post many times daily on your social media page, the answer is no. To explain it simply, you have to focus more on share than follow.

Why is social media awareness important?

The logic is simple. You need to start gathering people to share your content, that’s how the content you created can be seen by more people. The chain effect is how to get people interested in you and end up following your page.

To create a shareable content, you need to be know your strategy very well to better plan your posts. Below are the simple tricks you can apply to your brand page to increase your awareness rapidly.

Follow the trend
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Came across a hot topic on social media that people are talking about? Every business sector has a trending topic and interested user doesn’t leave a chance to express their feeling about that. That is the perfect thing about social media, everyone wants so share. Your chance to connect is by creating some content which will be relatable to that particular conversations that users are having about. Integrate your content into their conversations. That’s how you create more reach and views. Start creating along your brand guidelines. Create a unique you on your social media, there is nothing more real than this.

Accept Feedback and Reports:

Always embrace timely feedbacks from your customer base. Make sure you analyse trends and understand your social media consumers better. For example, there are analytics tools for Instagram business accounts. By using the tool, it will help you to understand what your users are looking for. Take both into consideration, and there you have the perfect formula for your content strategy and brand direction.

Beneficial and helpful content
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Make sure what you post is beneficial for your audience. Having a leadership approach will make users rely on your information. It will be easier to bring in a call to action and moreover complete one. Even if the call is the last step, considering your content viewed and recognised,  it will also be counted as an engagement.

User-Generated Content (UGC)
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If your brand is below maturity level of witnessing the success, this may be helpful for you. It’s basically letting your user know that the product is used by their friends also, and they are having conversation about it on social media. UGC also helps in cutting down the cost of creating content. For examples of UGC, you can consider reviews or testimonials.

Visual content speaks more
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Video content is highly consumed by users, so do take note that content in the visual format attracts. It’s not necessary that every post must be in video format. Thats how analytics come into play. Analyze your and then understand your audiences. Decide what product information you would like to cover in a video format that best speaks with your audience.

Influencer marketing
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Followers of these social influencers trust their recommendations. Therefore, having your product reviewed or promoted by them poses a greater impact on users than your old marketing techniques. You can now target a larger set of audience in less time and cost. Another perks is that influencers marketing is able to connect your brand to new audiences which are their followers.

It may be very easy to develop strategies, but very hard to execute. The above points are worthy of your consideration. And if they executed accurately, you can start seeing increase in word of mouth awareness as a result of your hard work.