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What is a brand influencer?

By January 16, 2018No Comments

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Definition of a brand influencer

What exactly is the proper brand influencer definition? What is the difference between popular choices of marketing? Brand influencer vs advocate?

 They are not just a “brand function” as there are many different definitions of the term “influencers”.  

Here’s why.

Why brand influencers?

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According to a survey, 18% trust influencers while 90% trust brand advocates. Brand advocates are highly satisfied customer. Therefore, they are motivated to provide help by sharing their good personal experience.

Brand loyalty and advocacy

brand loyalty

Influencers updates their social media platforms constantly.  Additionally, they inform their followers of various products and benefits too! This brand advocacy and loyalty will have lasting effects because of the authentic content and growth.

Brand advocates

Brand advocates are super fans are loyal to the brand because they truly love it. Incentives are usually not necessary for brand advocates as they recommend their favourite brand/product.

Role of influencers


On the other hand, the role of influencers in marketing is like having a brand influencer job. Influencers often have paid partnerships with brands across multiple platforms.

Their importance

Influencers have great power in influencer marketing. As one of their social media influencer duties, they connect brands to their relevant target audience. That is the main role of influencers in social media.