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Have you ever been in a position where you see a picture of food on social media and end up craving it for the rest of the day? Well, this just shows how powerful visuals are when it comes to whetting up an appetite. A great food photographer can leave you salivating for the dish through a simple image.

Today, we will be introducing 7 such influencers. These influencers, can not only take great pictures of food but are also great at cooking the food and posting their creations on social media. Therefore, if you are looking to brush up on your cooking skills, do check out these 7 cooking influencers.

Cooking Instagrammers: #1. Lirong

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Firstly, we have Lirong (@lirongs), who is a cooking influencer with 38K followers online.

As a stay home mom, Lirong is kept busy with taking care of her two adorable children. However, she nevertheless finds time to update her social media profiles about her cooking adventures.

From curry stews to claypot bee tai bak, Lirong has displayed her range of culinary skills on her social media account. On top of sharing images of her dishes, Lirong generously shares her recipes online for those interested in recreating them. Therefore, if you are looking to brush up your cooking skills, do check out her blog or Instagram accounts where she shares her secrets to cooking these amazing dishes online.

Cooking Instagrammers: #2. Jen Jen Lim

Secondly, we have Jen Jen Lim (@limjenjen), who has developed quite a reputation for herself as a cooking influencer.

If you take a quick look at her social media account, you can probably catch a glimpse of many familiar dishes. From Fried Rice to Hor Fan and Carrot cake, Jen Jen’s Instagram account is filled with hearty local dishes. Of course, apart from local cuisine, she also has posts that are dedicated to foreign cuisines – think burgers and charcuterie boards – her cooking prowess are certainly diverse in nature.

Furthermore, she has also very kindly shared the recipe for her dishes on social media. Therefore, if you would like to challenge yourself to whip up a sumptuous meal, do check out her social media accounts.

Cooking Instagrammers: #3. Meg Tan

Thirdly, we have Meg Tan (@dreamersloft17), who is a Singaporean currently based in Thailand. Meg has dedicated her Instagram account to displaying her homemade rendition of mouthwatering dishes. As succinctly stated in her Instagram bio, she is an avid home cook and baker. Therefore you can expect to find a huge range of home-cooked dishes and desserts on her social media platforms.

From spicy Thai cuisines to citrusy lemon pound cakes, Meg’s culinary creations cater to a range of tastebuds. Like many of the other cooking influencers on our list, Meg has generously shared her recipe for each dish on her Instagram account. Therefore, if you are interested in whipping up a savoury meal or a sweet snack for tea time, do check out her Instagram account for inspiration.

Cooking Instagrammers: #4. Zander Ng

Fourthly, we have Zander Ng (@zanderng), who is part of Singapore’s Masterchef lineup.

Zander’s culinary expertise lies in both local and Italian food. As a culinary expert, he is no stranger to creating interesting fusion dishes. For instance, he has created his own rendition of Risotto – a scrumptious bowl of laksa risotto.

Therefore, if you are a cooking enthusiast yourself, do check out Zander’s account for his interesting creations that combine flavours of different cuisines together.

Cooking Instagrammers: #5. Shamsydar Aini

Moving on, we have Shamsydar Aini (@sharmeee), who is the epitome of a woman who wears many hats.

Apart from being a cooking influencer, she also owns her runs her own wedding photography business. Burgers, grilled sandwiches, Nasi Lemak – the list of cuisines that she has displayed on her Instagram account is endless.

The images are, to say the least, mouthwatering. After all, she has talents in both cooking and photography.

Additionally, she is also an author of a published cookbook. Looking at her Instagram, we wonder how she juggles so many responsibilities.

Cooking Instagrammers: #6. Genevieve

Moving on, we have Genevieve (@gen_lxn), who is another Masterchef Singapore contestant. Despite only being in her early twenties, she has amassed quite a name for herself in the culinary industry.

From Japanese rice bowls to Craquelins, Genevieve has certainly showcased her culinary skills both on television and on her social media accounts. Additionally, she also has her own bakery. Despite starting out just a year ago, the bakery is doing rather well. From soft fluffy pastries to sweet doughnuts, you can catch a glimpse of her creations on Instagram.

Cooking Instagrammers: #7. April Yap

Lastly, we have April Yap (@aprilyap), who has amassed more than 40k followers on Instagram by sharing her home-cooked meals.

Apart from sharing her own recipes, she is also a foodie that enjoys dining out. Therefore, if you are less interested in cooking but still enjoy food photography, do check out her Instagram account for great food recommendations.


In a nutshell, these are 7 individuals that have shared their love for cooking on their social media accounts. The dedication that goes into preparing the dishes and taking aesthetically pleasing photography is certainly commendable.


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