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Social media is the epicentre of fashion and lifestyle. We often write about fashion influencers and their impact on the fashion industry. However, there are many categories of fashion influencers and today’s article will be touching on a rather niche category of influencers, the bah influencers.

These influencers have dedicated their social media profiles to their love for bags. From sharing bag maintenance tips to showcasing the latest trendy bags, they have mastered of creating content related to bags.

Bag TikTokers: #1. Celesta

Firstly, we have Celesta (@itscelesta), who is a TikToker with a love for bags.

If you have a favourite bag, chances are that Celesta owns something similar to your favourite. After all, she has dedicated her TikTok account to bags.

Apart from handbags she also has content related to all sorts of bags. From luggage protection hacks to chain straps that make bags much more convenient to carry, she has all sorts of bag-related content on her TikTok account.

Whether you are interested in purchasing a Bottega bag or an Aritzia dupe, Celesta’s content caters to a diverse group of bag lovers.

Bag TikTokers: #2. minisokay

Secondly, we have minisokay (@minisokay), who has gained popularity on TikTok thanks to her unique choice of bags.

There are many branded bags out there. From the classic Birkin bags to the chic Bottega Jodie bag, there are many branded bag options on the market.

However, this account got popular after a video showcasing the purchase of a Louis Vuitton carrot pouch. While many bag influencers often showcase a wide variety of bags on their social media accounts, this particular influencer’s content is centred on the carrot bag purchase.

As mentioned in the video that went viral, the carrot pouch is actually her first branded bag purchase. In a simple 30-second video, she explains how she has been feeling down as a small business owner affected by the pandemic. In spite of all of that, she further explains that the unique bag made her smile.

The video went viral on Tiktok and the account has started to produce a series of carrot bag-related videos showcasing the many uses of the carrot pouch. As of 2022, the account has 5K followers and close to 500K likes. Although this influencer may not seem like a typical bag influencer, she certainly showcases how bag-related content can be customised to one’s own unique circumstances.

Bag TikTokers: #3. Cassie

Thirdly, we have Cassie (@casscass2102), who is a bag influencer with a colossal bag collection.

If you are thinking of purchasing your first branded bag, Cassie’s account is the place to check out. A huge variety of information can be found thanks to her TikTok and YouTube videos.

Whether you are looking for a mini Kelly or a Fendace Baguette, she has done many videos on the different branded bags. From high fashion tips and discussions to online shopping hacks, she has managed to produce many informative bag-related videos.

Furthermore, if you are thinking of travelling with the pandemic restrictions easing, Cassie’s account provides some great tips for packing your branded bags to keep them in good condition.

Bag TikTokers: #4.

Fourthly, we have (, a pre-loved branded bag account.

Are you interested in purchasing a branded bag but cannot justify the price tag that comes along with it? TikTok has many accounts dedicated to pre-loved branded bags.

In the case of, they provide a platform for users to sell, swap or cosign their designer handbags. However, apart from promoting the bags that are currently held by the brand,’s TikTok account has a good range of interesting bag content.

From packing order videos to handbag recommendations from the team, there is a great amount of informative content about designer bags. Thus, even if you do not intend to purchase a bag, this TikTok account provides great tips for bag enthusiasts.

Bag TikTokers: #5. Valerie

Lastly, we have Valerie (@valerieaurora), who is a fashion influencer from Indonesia.

There are many fashion influencers on TikTok. Thus, you may think that Valerie’s account is just another fashion TikTok account. However, apart from the usual fashion and lifestyle content, Valerie is also a bag fanatic. Thus, many of her videos feature her many designer bags.

If you are interested to see what she manages to fit into her Louis Vuitton clutch, do check out her TikTok account where she does all sorts of bougie lifestyle content.


Whether you are looking for a classic collectable bag or a everyday practical bag, there is a plethora of bag-related content on TikTok.

Even if you do not have any intention to buy a new bag, many of the tips shared by these bag influencers are often more helpful than not. Thus, do check out these 5 influencers if you are interested in furthering your bag-related knowledge.