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Thanks to the advent of social media, sharing guides and exchanging information have been made easier compared to the years before. Aside from being just a means to communicate, many online platforms have become the norm whenever people wish to read reviews, critiques, and tips on various topics. Tiktok, for example, is the best place to go if you want to see bite-sized videos from your favourite content creators and social influencers.

There are countless Tiktok creators across many different categories, but one we’d like to get you to know are tech influencers! These people offer honest-to-goodness reviews on gadgets and tech you might have been eyeing and also give you great recommendations on ones you might have missed out on. Here are our current favourites:

1. Mary (@marybautistayt)

Mary (@marybautistayt)

Mary is a Filipino content creator who reviews the most popular gadgets on the market today. From the latest smartphone models to accessories and even the latest intelligent cordless vacuum, she unboxes every item with care and gives her honest opinion. We love her selection of items, as you can easily see a use for each one in your own personal gadget ecosystem. It helps that her videos are crisp, straight to the point, and that she immediately shows you how each gadget works. We’re up for more, Mary!

2. Marques Brownlee (@mkbhd)

Marques Brownlee (@mkbhd)

You may know Marques from his unboxing and tech reviews on YouTube. Well, he has recently come over to Tiktok and has successfully retained a 1.2 million following thanks to his no-fuss and practical reviews. He’s mostly known for pitting gadgets against each other to see which one is more powerful and is constantly updating to give you the lowdown on big tech releases. Of course, you can also see him post some goofy tech-related videos from time to time!

3. Amander (@greenteazeropercent)

Amander (@greenteazeropercent)

Amander is a Singapore-based Tiktok creator with a knack for aesthetically pleasing videos — and we mean really pleasing! You’ll mostly see her tinker and set up lesser-known gadgets in her minimalist-inspired space. A few words we can describe her content? Unique, novel, cosy, and comforting. Scroll through her tips on how to make your social media postings look more magical as well — through fonts, filters, and more! She’s a great design inspiration if you’re looking for something a little #satisfying.

4. @jookstogo


@jookstogo is another similar influencer with a focus on design and aesthetics. Her content is skewed more towards the cutesy side of things! Watch her put an adorable spin on the latest tech, and look out for her recommendations on simply charming finds you wish you could get your hands on! We love her feed as it brings pink after pink after pink!


These creators have a solid hold on their brand and social media presence. Thanks to them, tech Tiktok is ripe with amazing content we’re more than happy to dive into! Looking to grow your own brand through social media? This influencer marketing agency is ready to help. Contact us through our channels today or at +65 6255 5662.