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The Importance Of Influencer Marketing Amidst The New Normal

Without a doubt, the advent of the pandemic has revolutionised our digital landscape and changed how consumers approach media advertisements. With brick-and-mortar retailers experiencing poor sales, businesses have turned to online channels and notable influencers to promote their products, compelling shoppers to divert their attention to e-commerce platforms.

Despite initial uncertainty on how brands would fare during this turbulent period, the advertising industry underwent a shocking transformation that fuelled progress and growth. The global lockdowns have catalysed the advertisement world, and influencer marketing skyrocketed as a prime marketing strategy.

Content creators are now a cornerstone of every marketing concept, with collaborations focusing on authentic user-specific content beyond mere transactions. To leverage the power of influencers to grow their audiences and drive sales, brands are seeking new ways to incorporate creators into their digital marketing campaigns.

In a time where the digital sphere has evolved, influencer marketing is what you need for your business to thrive. Thus, let us share the importance of this marketing tactic amidst the new normal.

The importance of influencer marketing: #1. Businesses cater to consumers who have gone digital

The pandemic has driven rapid adoption of digital channels across different industries, pushing brands to promote their products via influencer marketing through online platforms. While some enterprises believed that their businesses would plateau with the sudden switch in customer experience, consumers have wholeheartedly embraced the digital transformation of commerce.

In fact, a survey on global consumer sentiment concluded that 90 per cent of shoppers prefer companies to have an online portal boasting their services, where consumers can bask in the convenience of accessing their site and products from anywhere across the globe. For example, Instagram is now shopping-oriented, and TikTok is lined with videos of product promotions. Customers have migrated to digital marketplaces to fulfil their daily needs, and social media platforms are adapting accordingly.

In an era of democratic media consumption, consumers have the power to choose the content they enjoy and follow the influencers they trust. Wherever possible, shoppers steer clear of intrusive advertising. So if you want to attract consumers’ attention, the ideal solution is to engage prominent creators that produce entertaining, user-targeted content befitting your niche industry. Hence, you can appeal to these online audiences and boost sales.

The importance of influencer marketing #2. The recommendations from influencers drive sales

The fundamentals of advertising remain unchanged: telling the perfect story, in the right moment, and to the correct audience. However, the digital landscape has evolved, and the way brands frame their customer service narrative and ads must also change with the times.

Old-fashioned media ads are no longer effective. To put it simply, consumers no longer want to see ads. Many often install ad-blockers on their devices, shutting out direct brand communication on all sites except for social networks.

Yet, consumers remain intrigued by appealing content put out by the influencers they trust and love on social media – these entertaining posts and short-form videos continue to pique their interest. As such, there is value in having authentic, user-generated content churned out by creators that align with your brand’s field of interest.

For instance, if you collaborate with an influencer that speaks to your target audience, your products and services are directed to the right demographic. Plus, you get to advertise your business without coming off as an overtly branded advertisement.

If you want to inspire consumers to engage with your brand, you require influencers who have already amassed a large following and built a credible reputation amongst their community. Their promotion of your products will spur their followers to patronise your business. In essence, you need to rely on the psychology of trust between consumers and influencers to drive sales. After all, consumers prefer peer recommendations over traditional ads.

The importance of influencer marketing #3. Micro and nano-influencers are on the rise, giving brands a broader outreach

Consumers require multiple touchpoints with a brand to convert, which means that collective influencer content that promotes your business is essential for your brand to gain a wider outreach. The more influencers you partner with, the better you can make your brand known in the industry.

As more users turn to social media platforms to pass the time as they remain at home to curb the spread of the virus, they begin to search for more varied and niche content creators. This has led to more individuals gaining clout as micro and nano-influencers, for they are dedicating time during this period to explore their niche and share their passions on social platforms with other users.

As such, these creators enjoy a higher rate of engagement with their audiences because they work hard to build their reputation, entertain their followers, and foster close-knit relationships with their clients. Furthermore, because these influencers come from smaller communities, they are more relatable and authentic than celebrities, making them more persuasive in the eyes of their followers.

Hence, a sure-fire method to get your brand recognised and increase consumer conversion rates is through various strategic collaborations with micro and nano-influencers. Businesses that embrace such an advertisement technique will undoubtedly reach out to a larger demographic and make substantial market gains.


Influencer marketing has redefined our digital landscape, and the progress, versatility, and success of enterprises utilising this marketing tactic are only bound to grow. We believe that this marketing technique is here to stay and will continue to boast incredible results for brands across different industries.

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