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Our Little Red Dot is known to be a food paradise. From the strong hawker culture to the cafes and restaurants, there are many dining out options.

However, there are times where we just want to create something at home. From Dalgona coffee to cute cupcakes, there are many trends that have started especially since the onset of Covid 19 which have kept many of us at home.

For those of you that enjoy baking, today’s article and the 7 baking influencers we will be introducing are for you.

Baking Instagrammers: #1: Natalie Eng @engnatalie

Baking influencers, Baking Instagrammers

Firstly, we have Natalie Eng (@engnatalie), who is a patisserie known for her sophisticated bakes.

Natalie pursued her love for baking and went on to train at Ferrandi, l’Ecole Française de Gastronomie of Paris. It probably comes as no surprise to you that many of her confectionaries have strong French influences.

From tarts to financiers and dark chocolate, many of Natalie’s bakes require skill and patience to perfect them. Furthermore, it does not hurt that Natalie is great with aesthetics. Natalie’s aesthetically pleasing pictures have shown her eye for detail when it comes to plating to lighting.

Baking Instagrammers: #2: Susanne Ng @susanne.decochiffon

Secondly, we have Susanne Ng (@susanne.decochiffon), who is known for her adorable bakes.

With over 100K followers and features from media outlets like the Straits Times, we can certainly see how enamoured the public is with her bakes.

From sandwiches to cute ice cream designs, is there anything Susanne cannot create? Apart from posting images of her cute creations, Susanne also generously shares her baking process with her followers online. If you were to visit her website, there is a plethora of content on it. You may purchase her tutorials to recreate her many interesting bakes.

Baking Instagrammers: #3. Minosuke @minosuke9

Thirdly, we have Minosuke (@minosuke9), who is a  Japanese baker. For those with a sweet tooth, Minosuke’s Instagram will surely leave you salivating. From cakes to puddings and macaroons – you can probably find any dessert that comes to mind. After all, she is a professional pastry chef and has received training in Japanese cooking school.

If you are a fan of aesthetically pleasing food photography, do check out Minosuke’s account with its simple yet tasteful content.

Baking Instagrammers: #4: Charlotte Wong @charsiewfun

Fourthly, we have Charlotte Wong (@charsiewfun), who is an expert when it comes to baking cakes.

From wonderfully done layered cakes to petite and cute cupcakes, Charlotte has showcased her skills when it comes to baking cakes. Many of her cake designs incorporate light pastel colours. Additionally, she is also extremely gifted when it comes to cake decoration. Her piping skills can be seen in the various designs of flowers she decorates her cakes with.

If you are looking for a well-made cake that will be good for any occasion, do check out her Instagram account for some inspiration.

Baking Instagrammers: #5. Asma’ Nasaruddin @Gateauxlicious

Next up, we have Asma’ Nasaruddin (@Gateauxlicious), who is a baker based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

If you looking for wedding cake inspiration, Asma’s account is the place to go. Although she is based in Malaysia, her wedding cake creations provide inspiration for an international audience. From intricate cakes decorated with Hydrangeas to layered cakes of varying textures, she has clearly mastered the art when it comes to wedding cakes.

Baking Instagrammers: #6: Adeline Tan @dee_bakes

Moving on, we have Adeline Tan (@dee_bakes), who is a baker based in Singapore. If you are craving for some sweet confectionaries, Adeline’s account will probably have something that suits your taste.

Apart from posting pictures of her homemade bakes, she also opens up orders for the purchase of these delicious snacks. Her Instagram page features a range of goodies – customised cakes, cookies and tarts and the list goes on. In one of her recent bakes, she took an interesting approach on focaccia, creating a sunflower themed focaccia. This certainly shows how creative she can get when it comes to baking.

Baking Instagrammers: #7: Eliza Liaw @sugarwhim

Lastly, we have Eliza Liaw (@sugarwhim), whose account is heavily focused on cakes. If you are wondering how interesting cakes can get, her account is one you must check out.

From speculoos loaves to tiered cakes, Eliza takes an interesting twist to the creation of cakes. Additionally, if you are looking for themed cakes, her account is filled with inspiration for unique looking cakes.


In a nutshell, these are 7 bakers that have showcased their baking prowess on Instagram. Whether you are a baking enthusiast or just looking to find great confectionaries, these 7 bakers are a great place to start. Of course, if you have a massive sweet tooth that, do check out the many other bakers on social media!

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