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What is a digital influencer?

By January 16, 2018No Comments

How to develop an influencer marketing strategy?

One of the modern widely known marketing tool would probably be developing a digital influencer marketing strategy. In short, widely established influencers branding company in Singapore would have to be gushcloud and nuffnang.

The Singapore community

Nuffnang influencers and gushcloud influencers are part of 2 Singapore leading blog advertising community. Therefore, they have a list of the top social media influencers in Singapore that are equipped with great power to influence and convey brand messages. These influencers are also top Singapore instagrammers

Singapore influencers list

Want to know who ranks the top and the various top influencers agencies?


nuffnang, singapore, blog, agency, influencer

Among the Singapore digital influencers list, the well known Xiaxue has got to top the charts for Nuffnang.

xiaxue, pink, top singapore, blogger

The queen of Asia Pacific who is highly influential and opinionated, she requires no further introduction!


gushcloud, agency, influencer, blogger

Gushcloud Agency focus on providing digital Influencer-centric solutions for brands & advertisers. They operate across 8 countries with over 12,000+ influencers represented.

For Gushcloud, we have Eunice Annabel!

eunice annabel, singapore, blogger

Some of their influencers have also won both top influencers in Singapore 2017 and top influencers in singapore 2016.

Influence Asia

influencer asia, award, gushcloud

Influence Asia is Asia’s largest social media award show owned and operated by Gushcloud Pte Ltd covering 7 countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, The philippines, Korea.

Youth Influencers

Other than these popular influencers there are also many youth influencers singapore leveling up gaining a decent following at a young age. One example is Joey Heng, a secondary 4 student with about 20,000+ followers on her Instagram!

Therefore, who do you follow on instagram? Who do you consider as a good digital influencer?