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What are Macro Influencers?

By January 15, 2018July 18th, 2019No Comments

Micro and Macro Influencers

It is no secret that digital micro and macro influencers are powerful people in marketing.

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Online influencer marketing

These online sensations are able to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, brand ownership and more. Did you know that 90% of people believes what influencers say rather than brands? The loyal following coupled with the ability to create authentic content is exactly why influencers are powerful tools. Utilising online influencers to market a brand/product is no secret.

Influencer marketing?

What is micro not macro rethinking influencer marketing all about

Macro influencers

Macro influencer definition are usually mega influencer. Within the macro scope of influencers, these mega influencers have millions of followers on their social media platforms. They may be considered as “celebrities” in this industry. Brands and marketers can take advantage on their large following to connect with a higher audience reach for their sponsored content. These large following usually comes at a great price.

Micro influencers

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What are the benefit of micro influencers? And how do you conduct micro influencer research to ensure that you are engaging the right person with the correct audience? While macro influencers guarantee a direct wider outreach, micro influencers offer other significant benefits. These micro influencers are just everyday people that are more relatable to their followers with a smaller followings. Although they may be limited by their initial amount of reach, they may offer brands more direct long term benefits.

Finding the best fit

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Although all micro macro mega influencers are going to be beneficial for your brand, the best option for the market needs may vary for different campaigns. Businesses and advertisers should take into consideration the campaign targets and the specific audience, altogether with the budget too! 

All of these are simply influencer marketing. Redefine your marketing with these new people through digital marketing now!