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Key Opinion Leaders In Taiwan

By October 10, 2017July 9th, 2024No Comments

Opinion Leaders in Taiwan

Who are the Opinion Leaders

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With the rise of social media in this era of the digital world, it also comes with a tool that what we called as Key Opinion Leaders. This type of marketing has gained a lot of praises and has been an effective tool for marketing strategies. In this modern and digital world, people influence people. People get to share thoughts and ideas.

With that in mind, we can easily say that influencers marketing plays an important role in tying the engagement of human and further strengthens the brand’s message. Most of the top influencers in Taiwan are effectively dominating the digital age. This is what makes it possible for brand influencers to be even more convincing and simple.

Social Media Users in Taiwan

Taiwan is a country in South East Asia which has a population of 23.55 million. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan is well-known because of its night markets. When we speak of social media users, Taiwan will always be active. As of the 4th quarter of the year 2016, the social network penetration of Taiwan was observed that 81% of the total population were active social media users. According to the statistics, the most popular social media network being loved by most of the Taiwanese is the Facebook that hit 83% penetration rate. The statistics show that Facebook still dominates the whole country of Taiwan.

Influencers in Taiwan

Another name for Key Opinion Leaders are influencers. They are people who have a strong social status and most of the time people look up to them. Their opinions and recommendations are the basis of many people in the social media. Most of these opinion leaders are political figures. With the ability to influence, everything they share or do are looked up to by their followers and friends.

Not only the politicians but also the celebrities can be the top influencers in Taiwan. Friends, trusted individuals and experts can be Key Opinion Leaders too. Most of these opinion leaders are often active on social media such as the Facebook and Instagram. Most of these influencers take advantage of their ability to convince other people. Influencers even hired by famous business and company to endorse their brands and is a great help on their Instagram marketing strategy.

Effects of KOL

Social media influencers or the so-called Key Opinion Leaders has continuously invaded the globe. In fact, we can no longer imagine a world without these social media influencers. Imagine that there are 2.6 billion active social media users in the whole world. And each year, there is an additional percentage to the total number of social media users. The influencer marketing continuous to dominate the world of social media. And this even affects the way how people live and how people behave. Most of the social media users in Taiwan look up to KOL for their health, for fashion, entertainment, and wellness.

It has been proven by statistics that many of these users in the country of Taiwan look at every influencer. Key opinion leaders help marketing business get interested customers. Since people trust them, they can easily gain trust from people because people believed that the person’s opinion is true and reliable.

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